About a week ago, I received a massive package with three different types of condoms. The first up was the Beyond Seven Studded condoms, which were simply amazing. The unique shape, ultra-thin material, and pleasurable studs are incredibly satisfying. Japanese company Okamoto is a highly trusted and well-known brand in Japan (and worldwide), and makes a thinner-than-usual latex that’s just as strong and sturdy as it is pleasurable. There’s truly nothing to complain about with these condoms!

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Name: Beyond Seven Studded
Type: Condom

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Stars: 5 Stars


The coolest and most unique part about this condom is how it is constructed. There are delicate studs throughout the material of the Beyond Seven Studded condoms, which I loved. The material is also designed to be much thinner, so you have a barely-there sensation throughout the condom mixed with pleasurable bumps, perfectly designed to increase pleasure.

The Feel

These condoms honestly feel amazing. It’s rare to find a condom that provides pleasure for both partners. I expected the studs to be much stronger and more intense, but the gentle sensation was far more pleasurable than intense studs, which can sometimes be painful. They are lightly lubricated, and while I am a huge fan of the lube, they could have been slightly more lubricated… so if you usually need lube, expect to add some to these condoms.

The Fit

My only con was the fit of the Beyond Seven Studded condoms. My partner is a bit bigger than average so the fit was a bit “snug” for him in some places, but overall, he didn’t complain too much. For the average to smaller partner, these would be a perfect fit or fit just snugly enough. But if you’re larger, I’d recommend a larger condom. My partner claims that these are the most “natural” feeling and best fitting condoms he’s tried, and didn’t complain about wearing them.


These condoms are a great option for those who want a condom that will stimulate and benefit both partners with a barely there material mixed with pleasurable studs. It’s hard to go back normal shaped condoms after this one. This condom is worth a shot and worth a try. Chances are, if you’re like me, you will not be disappointed. We will be using this condom again, and it is one of the best condoms we’ve found.

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