When I came across the adorable I Rub My Duckie line by Big Teaze Toys, I was instantly enamored and couldn’t wait to review it. Each and every vibrator is shaped like a rubber duck – some plain, and some dressed up – and I simply had to have one of my own. It was a tough choice for me to pick the perfect duckie for my personality. Would I be a girly and chic Paris duck, with a classy feather boa? Or, would I express my inner rave kitty, with an adorable furry hood? But then, I saw it among the rest – a pink bondage “fashionista” duck, dressed in a tight pink leather corset, complete with a studded necklace, nose ring, and ball gag. It was just too perfect. Now, after giving it a try, it’s easily one of my favorite toys – and definitely a fabulous cheap vibrator. Not because of its vibrations, but for its adorable design. It would be the perfect novelty gift for a best-friend, sorority sister, or a bachelorette or birthday party (they’re all under $30). For me, it’s found a perfect place on my nightstand, nestled right next to a massage candle, and will be staying out even when company comes over.

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Name: I Rub My Duckie – Pink Bondage Duck
Type: Discreet Vibe, Clitoral Vibe, Vibrators
By: Big Teaze Toys

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils, 1 to 2 Devils if you get a non-bondage duck
Vibration: 2 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Plastic
Special Features: Inexpensive, Beginners, Waterproof, 1 Speed, Buzzy Vibrations, Cute Design, Unique, Quiet, Travel-Friendly, Battery Operated

Materials & Design

The I Rub My Duckie toys are all made of a hard plastic that is made to be waterproof and withstand some hard play. While these little duckies looked so adorable online, my duck was even more precious in my hands. It has incredibly cute artistry, and is painted perfectly to show each and every aspect of her cute design. You can see every detail – from each grommet and lace tie of her corset, to the leather material pulling along her feathers. Her gag looks like a real gag, complete with metal fasteners. She even has an adorable little diamond nose ring. I’m OBSESSED!

I chose the pink bondage duck for obvious reasons. But, if you or the friend you’re giving it to have different interests than me, there’s definitely a duck out there for you. Simple classic colored ducks, red devil ducks, 3 different bondage ducks, adorable Paris-chic ducks, rave kitty ducks, and even a pirate duck! I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with many more designs in the future. The line is just too cute! Our friends at She Vibe (who sent me this toy for review) have them all! Update: While some of these designs are now discontinued, you can still check out all of the ducks that are still available!

Total Novelty

As shown in my rating chart above, this toy has a very low-level vibration. It’s about on par with an electric toothbrush and reminds me of something I would have used as a teenager when I was just starting to explore vibrations – and wondered how sanitary my toothbrush really was. Big Teaze Toys certainly lives up to its name, with very light and teasing vibrations that keep me wanting more. While this vibration setting isn’t right for me, I can imagine it would be perfect for someone who is just starting to try out toys. Personally, I would have loved to have had this as my first toy – something sweet, innocent, and totally discreet – rather than awkwardly and blindly picking out a shitty toy at my city’s sex shop. The vibration setting is high-quality and strong for the price, and this cute design certainly makes up for what it lacks in power.

Pros & Cons


  • Absolutely precious design
  • Makes the perfect gift


  • One weak to moderate speed


This toy is perfect for a novelty gift, especially for the girl who’s new to vibrations, or would just love to have something naughty hidden on her nightstand in an impressively cute exterior. The design is so discreet that you could leave it out without a second thought (bondage ducks aside) – and can even be totally submerged in the bath. Despite the lack of power, it would likely be perfect for a beginner and is a great toy for the low price – especially when it’s a gift. All of them are under $30. Personally, the designs of the ducks match perfectly with my interests, and I would be so excited to have any one of them – but the pink bondage duck was my favorite of them all!

Thank you, She Vibe, for giving me the naughty Duckie of my dreams!

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