The Envie G-Spot Vibrating Massager is perfect for when your g-spot is in need of some love. It has a sleek design that is perfectly curved to hit your g-spot, and features a flexible portion that’s great for a g-spot massage. The entire toy is smooth silicone, slightly textured, and easy to clean. The vibrations are light to mid-level, and would be perfect for most preferences. If you’re looking for your first g-spot toy, or simply want something that will get pin-point precision on your g-spot, this toy would be perfect for you!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney Desire Luxury instead.

Name: Envie G-Spot Vibrating Massager
Type: Vibrators, G-spot Vibrators
By: NS Novelties

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Several Speeds, Multi Function, Curved, Pointed Tip, Waterproof

Futuristic Design

The design of this vibe is beautiful, streamlined, and looks almost futuristic. The base of the vibe is a circle with an opening in the middle, perfect for easy gripping. There is an LED light that glows softly green along the bottom of the base, which could totally be covered up by a comforter if needed. The shaft of the toy is black silicone, and is slightly curved with a flexible bend. The tip an oval-like egg shape, curved up for perfect G-spot stimulation. The shaft as a few gently textured ridges along the upper side. The shaft is designed to deliver vibrations, while the tip is silicone, but the vibrations carry well. The tip touches my G-spot perfectly and the vibrations travel throughout the toy until I can almost feel them in my uterus. The silicone is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. You can wash it with warm water and soap, since it’s completely waterproof.

Vibrations & Power

The power of the Envie G is surprisingly strong, depending on the setting. It only needs two AAA batteries to run. There are seven settings; three constant vibrations and then four pulse settings. All of the vibrations are mid-level, rumbly, and would be powerful for a beginner. These vibrations would be perfect for most people. My only con is that you have to unscrew the base to turn it off (though it’s easy).

The speeds and patterns are:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Medium pulsations for about half a second each
  5. High vibrations, with two pulses and then a long pulse
  6. Low vibrations to high vibrations in about a second and a half
  7. One long high vibration, with four super quick pulses about every second

Pros & Cons


  • Great to target g-spot
  • Good range of vibrations and patterns
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean


  • Must unscrew to power off


The Envie G is great for someone who wants to target their g-spot with relatively strong vibrations. It has mid-level to powerful vibrations and nice patterns which travel well up into the curved tip for ultimate G-spot stimulation. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants a more internal orgasm, and who wants a sensation that they can feel throughout their abdomen. Beginners may have trouble with this toy if they are sensitive to vibration, but may also love it if they’re really craving to target their g-spot. It’s a great toy all around, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s already quite comfortable with their bodies!

This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney Desire Luxury instead.


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