Luxurious Feather Clamps

Reviewing the Bijoux de Nip Feather Clamps, Bijoux has brought a taste of luxury to a totally functional and high-end design that works perfectly, without flaw. These seductive tweezer-style nipple clamps are well-designed with high-end materials, and a strong design that is as sturdy as it is beautiful. It’s no doubt that Bijoux de Nips’ unique accessories and sensual cosmetics exist in a realm all of their own, delighting romantic lovers and luxury kinksters alike. For the girl who loves luxury and wants some gorgeous nipple adornment in the bedroom that can provide pleasure and pain simultaneously, these clamps are simply perfect!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps instead.



Name: Bijoux de Nip Feather Clamps
Nipple Clamps, Pain Play Toys, BDSM Toys
By: Bijoux de Nip

Hearts: 5 Hearts 
Quality: 5 Stars
Intensity: 5 Devils

Material: Metal, Rubber

Beautiful Feathered Design

The first thing that stands out about this lovely set of nipple clamps is the gorgeous feathers on each. My clamps feature a peacock feather, above a small red feather, above a long silky purple feather. Each feather feels well-made, and the peacock and purple feathers are both very long. The purple feathers in particular feel soft and silky smooth against my skin, giving me an elegant look and teasing tickle during wear. The feathers are held together with a simple black wrapping, and attached to the rest of the clamp securely with a metal ring. The metal clamp matches the feathers perfectly, and is a shining, shimmering blue.

If these colors aren’t your favorite, don’t fear! Bijoux has a variety of styles perfect to suit any taste. My personal favorite is these stunning pink tweezer style clamps. While my particular style of clamp is currently out of stock, the most similar fits are this blue and black clamp, or for a bit more pop of color, this blue orange and black clamp. All are really lovely! If you enjoy getting a bit dressed up for your partner, these clamps are the perfect erotic addition to your outfit (especially if you have a cut-out style bra)! Or, if you’re into BDSM play, they are a totally chic accessory that looks gorgeous while getting wild.



Fiercely Functional

Aside from their beauty, these clamps are strong, adjustable, and totally functional. These clamps are designed to pinch or clamp down on your nipples, though they could also be used on other sensitive areas of your body. Use of the clamps is designed to heighten sensation and sensitivity, or provide a bit of pain. Yet with the adjustable nature of this tweezer clamp, you can definitely be in control of your sensation. If you’re moving around a bit, you’ll have to clamp it tight to stay in place – but you can absolutely use a looser fit for a lighter sensation.

The size of the clamps fit me perfectly, and I’d be willing to bet they fit at least 90% of the nipples out there. To adjust the clamps, you simply squeeze both ends together a bit like you would a tweezer, and push the little metal ring up to clamp down, and adjust to your desired tightness. Just push down to release the clamps again. Simple! The metal of the clamps feels very sturdy, and definitely not cheaply made. The rubber tips are perfect for comfort, providing a bit of a barrier from the metal. They can’t be removed – and neither can the feathers – so if you have to clean these clamps for any reason, do so with care!



Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous, chic, luxurious design
  • Soft and sensual feathers
  • Well-made with high-end materials
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • None!


I absolutely love the Bijoux de Nip Feather Clamps, and love how they’ve combined luxury and aesthetics to a totally functional, high-end, and flawless design. These clamps are entirely seductive, and could be worn before or during play for an elegant, erotic touch. Not to mention, they feel fabulously soft against the skin! They are as sturdy and well-made as they are beautiful. I’m already a huge fan of Bijoux de Nip, and can’t wait to try more of their products!


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