Another year of sex toy exploration has come to a close, and many of our writers weighed in a variety of different lovely toys (including lots of toys for the brave, adventurous men in our lives! On the past year, there were some toys that we really fell in love with, toys that would be lovely mostly for beginners, toys that would haunt us in our dreams, and toys we wished we hadn’t tried.

Yet, through it all, our love or sex toys is truly unwavering – because good sex toys are really fucking awesome – and a must-have for every girl’s bedside drawer. They are a wonderful way to explore new sensations, and get pleasure from something other than your hand or partner. After reviewing the best, worst, and weirdest sex toys on the market – we’re positive that one good toy can change your sex life. (But personally, for us, the more toys, the merrier!)

From our second year of trying toys for you (and our) pleasure, we bring you a roundup of the best, the worst, and all the chaos in between. Click the pink links to go directly to the toy’s review – where we dish all the details – and find where to buy it.

At the bottom of each review, we list where to get each toy at the lowest prices, and even have some special coupons for our readers. We’re also happy to answer your questions and recommend a toy to fit your preferences, via comment or email at any time! Enjoy!

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Top 10 Best Sex Toys

The Top 10 Best Sex Toys is now broken up into “Top 10 Best Vibrators” and “Top 10 Best Other Toys”… because we simply couldn’t pick just 10. 🙂

Top 10 Best Vibrators

These are the vibrators that came close to perfection… you just can’t get better than this!

1. Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

When I first reviewed the incredible, powerful, legendary Original Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi) I instantly named it the one vibrator to rule them all, the holy grail and Cadillac of vibrators… nothing could get better than it, or so I thought. With the launch of the “Hitachi” Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, the brand new Hitachi Magic Wand that boasts an A/C rechargeable feature rather than needing to be plugged in to the wall, my jaw has officially dropped. Like the Hitachi Magic Wand, the rechargeable version scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining it’s position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison – yet it’s even superior to it’s original. Not limited by a cord, this baby can be brought with you anywhere… in the kitchen, in the car, or dancing around your house like a maniac before you collapse into orgasm. It’s everything the Original Magic Wand was and wishes to be, now with it’s rechargeable feature. It also has a body-safe silicone head, additional speeds, and multiple patterns! It’s literally everything I could ever want in a vibrator.

2. We-Vibe Touch

I was beyond excited to try the newly upgrade We-Vibe Touch, a handheld clitoral vibrator that boasts powerful vibrations, luxurious silicone, and high-quality features like USB recharge and waterproof design. After trying the We-Vibe Tango, which soon became one of my favorite vibrators ever, and the fabulous We-Vibe 4 couple’s vibrator, by far the best couple’s vibe on the market – I knew that We-Vibe lived up to it’s lofty reputation. Strong, rumbly, and satisfying – the We-Vibe Touch does not disappoint. It’s incredibly high end, light-weight, rechargeable, easy to carry & store, and has several strong speeds and settings that would make even the most experienced user’s toes curl. Just like the others in the We-Vibe line, this is not only one of my favorite vibrators, but definitely one the best vibrators you can get. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gorgeous, powerful, luxurious vibrator at a reasonable price!

3. LELO Mona 2

My love of LELO is starting to get a little out of control. From the pleasure-perfect LELO Ella, to the gorgeously simple LELO Mia 2, to the beautifully elegant LELO Siri 2 – each high-end toy has seriously delighted me. When I tried the LELO Mona Wave, I instantly thought that the design was beautiful, and the unique wave motion was pretty interesting. But, the vibrations weren’t quite up to speed with the strong, rumbly vibrations I prefer. So, LELO sent along the LELO Mona 2 – a vibrator with all the same high-end qualities, but minus the wave motion, and added powerful vibration. It has a sleek and effective design made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, and is entirely waterproof and A/C rechargeable. It even comes with a 1-year warranty, personal lubricant, classy satin storage pouch, and sleek box! With all the makings of an incredibly high-end toy, LELO knocks one out of the ballpark with the Mona 2!

4. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2

When I first tried Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit, it instantly became my favorite rabbit I’d even tried. Rabbits are probably one of the most famous sex toys, yet it’s tough to find the perfect rabbit vibrator. Everyone’s anatomy is a bit different, and finding a toy that works with your body AND delivers satisfying vibrations can be a challenge. Although it was nearly perfect, I wished it had more powerful vibrations. Well, Lovehoney heard my requests and created the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2 – with 150% MORE power, and the ability to be recharged via USB. This toy is easily one of the best, high-quality rabbit vibrators I’ve ever written a review about. It may just be the best rabbit vibrator ever! It’s 100% worth every penny of the price in the endless pleasure you’ll experience.

5. Womanizer

Womanizer is by far the best adult product our reviewer had ever reviewed thus far – hands down, no contest. Its unique design and functionality allow for strong yet gentle, indirect clitoral stimulation. I would recommend this toy to anyone with a clitoris, particularly people who don’t love vibrators or have had a hard time finding one that works for them. I don’t like the name, but the benefits of actually using the Womanizer far outweighed that factor for me. (If you think that the Womanizer may be a little out of your price range, instead of choosing a cheaper alternative, start saving up – you won’t regret it!) Your quest for a vibrator you’ll adore is officially over.

6. Vibratex Mystic Wand

Like most girls, I’ve coveted a Hitachi-style wand, like the original Hitachi Magic Wand, forever. Since I’m sure the most famous wand is the best of the best, I’ve always been wary about testing out it’s twins that claim to be just as powerful. I decided to give Vibratex Mystic Wand a try and was pleasantly surprised by this powerful, stylish orgasm machine! It’s by the same makers of the Hitachi Magic Wand, and definitely lives up to the same expectation of quality and power. It’s a must-have for the power-loving girl on a budget!

7. Jimmy Jane Form 2

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 rocks my socks. It’s literally the strongest vibrations I’ve felt since in such a small, portable size. It’s cute, OH so powerful, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. What more could you ask for?! While it’s moderately expensive, the quality of the materials and the power of the motors make it a absolutely must buy if it’s in your budget range.

8. Maxxx Power Vibe

As a “power princess” who has never tried a large toy before, I can definitely vouch for the Maxxx Power Vibe as a perfect large toy for both beginners and those who crave extra rumbly vibrations to their core. I loved the feel of the ribbed shaft on my erogenous zones and had a lot of fun – and some earth-shattering orgasms – while playing with this toy. Looking for a new toy that rocks your world or to try out a non-phallic vibe that really gets you going? Check Maxxx out. I’m glad I did.

9. Rocks Off RO-Jira

If you’re looking for a strong, rumbly vibrator that’s gorgeously designed with high-quality, body-safe materials… plus one that’s waterproof and rechargeable, look no further than the Rocks Off RO-Jira, our latest favorite vibrator to get a perfect score! This sleek vibe has a variety of vibration speeds and patterns sure to please any preference. Plus, it’s smooth to the touch with impressive power than can give you an orgasm externally or internally. It’d be great for beginners as it’s very versatile and easy to use, but even expert users will love the rumbly power of this vibe. I absolutely love it, and would highly recommend it to anyone!

10. LELO Siri 2

After trying the LELO Ella, I was absolutely in love. It’s pleasure-perfect design totally wow-ed me. Then, the LELO Mia 2 impressed me in it’s gorgeous simplicity, with stand out vibrations and style that are perfect for nearly any preference. So, when LELO offered to send me their gorgeous Siri 2, a hand-held vibrator that can also be powered by your favorite music or other ambient noise, I was thrilled to give it a try. The LELO Siri 2 promises powerful sound-controlled vibrations and 8 pre-set vibration modes. It has a sleek, simple design made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, and is entirely waterproof and USB rechargeable. It even comes with a 1-year warranty, personal lubricant, classy satin storage pouch, and sleek box! With all the makings of an incredibly high-end toy, the LELO Siri 2 definitely doesn’t disappoint. The vibrations are powerful, rumbly, and very high quality!

Honorable Mention – LELO Mona Wave

The LELO Mona Wave features a waving, g-spot massaging motion, which is a really interesting twist on pleasure that pays off if you like g-spot massage. The design absolutely divine, plus it’s sleek, discreet, easy to use, waterproof, easy to charge, and comes in a chic box with a lube, warranty, and satin storage pouch. The vibrations are not as rumbly and powerful as I was expecting, and could have used some more umph. But, the variety of speeds and patterns is high up there, and for me, gives a unique sensation that I still love. As long as you have a strong vibrator for your clit, you’re good to go! LELO yet again makes a gorgeous toy that’s luxurious and pleasurable all in one.

Top 10 Best Other Toys

These are the toys that came close to perfection… you just can’t get better than this!

1. Tantus Splash

The Tantus Splash is absolutely incredible g-spot or p-spot pleasure, especially if you LOVE texture. This size is also great for a “full” feeling, but if you prefer something slimmer and better for thrusting, you can totally go with the Splish. For me, the Splash works best with a gentle rocking, massaging sensation rather than thrusting – but I’m so excited to try the Splish in the future to get that thrust action. Either way, the shape, size, length, and girth were all perfect for giving me fabulous control of overwhelming orgasms – targeting the right areas with ease! Even if you already have a favorite g-spot toy, the Tantus Splash would be a welcomed addition to your shelf. It’s a great starter toy, explorer toy, or every day toy for a gal who likes penetration, and especially g-spot stimulation. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

2. Tantus Slow Drive

The Tantus Slow Drive is the perfect dildo for targeted g-spot or p-spot pleasure. For me, it works best with a gentle rocking, massaging sensation rather than a thrusting – but once you get going with this toy, it’s divine! The powerful, pin-point stimulation is incredible, with a curve that can perfectly achieve that “come hither” motion to make you squirt. The size, length, and girth were all perfect for giving me fabulous control of overwhelming orgasms – targeting the right areas with ease! Even if you already have a favorite g-spot toy, the Slow Drive would be a welcomed addition to your shelf. It’s a great starter toy, explorer toy, or every day toy for a gal who likes penetration, and especially g-spot stimulation. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

3. Fun Toys Geisha Balls

Fun Toys Geisha Balls are a workout tool for your pelvic muscles. (That is, the muscles around your vagina that help you have a strong orgasm!) With five stages of training, these ben wa balls are designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor for more tightness, sensation, and strength of orgasm. They also have a small inner ball that rolls around to create a slight pleasurable vibration during wear. They’re very enjoyable, work exactly as intended, and have a retrieval cord! I plan to buy even heavier balls to further my training with this lovely ben wa ball set! They’re everything you could ask for in a high-quality ben wa ball set.

4. Pure Bliss Box

If you love exploring sex toys and adult products, and want a way to spice up your love life either solo or with a partner, the Pure Bliss Box is a total must-have. I love the variety contained within all of the boxes, and the products were really nice. I definitely felt like the boxes were worth the price! Plus, with some extra sex tips and dares within… this box is sure to keep us occupied for well over a month. Of course, the items vary every month, so you may get different items than those shown here, but I have no doubt that they’ll be equally amazing. They clearly have an eye for good quality, and want to keep things fresh and exciting. This is one subscription service we won’t be canceling anytime soon!

5. Fleshlight / Hot Octopuss / Aneros Vice

These male toys are all very different, yet each was extraordinary!

Is it strange that I’m jealous of the Fleshlight? Having my partner masturbate with his hand is one thing… but a fake pussy this pretty has me a little jelly. Nevertheless, this is one male toy you can’t pass up, and a really great gift for the guy partner in your life. With a gorgeous life-like design and an interior meant for his pleasure, this toy is made to please.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo is by far the best male toy my partner and I have tried so far. The vibrations really put it over the edge, and the high-quality features are really a breath of fresh air in a toy industry that tends to put men’s pleasure to the side. We love how it can fit a variety of sizes, without feeling like he has to squeeze in – and it feels nice in a variety of ways, either solo or with a partner. We would very highly recommend it, whether it’s your first male toy or your hundredth!

My partner loved the Aneros Vice, and I especially loved joining the experience. If you are looking for a toy that is specifically designed to target your prostate, the Vice is ready to please. Partners, if you’re looking to get in on the action, get a little more intimate with your partner, and learn more about the levels of their pleasure — time to give the Vice a whirl. The vibrations aren’t for beginners, but you can always leave the vibrator off and let the silicone toy massage your prostate all by itself. I strongly suggest this toy to anyone in search of a prostate stimulator and definitely plan on using this in the future with my partner. Enjoy!

6. Intimate Organics Clitoral Arousal Gel / Blossom Organics Arousal Gel / ON Natural Arousal Oil

All of the below gels are designed to be applied to the clitoris for extra pleasure. All were loved by our team, and are highly recommended!

Intimate Organic’s Intense is a high ­quality arousal gel, causing a nice tingling sensation instantly after I applied a small amount to my clit – and this sensation helps to increase sensitivity. If you’re going to use it, I’d definitely recommend doing so with a vibrator that is aimed at clitoral arousal, such as a dual rabbit or clit massager. It’d especially be perfect for someone who has difficulty with orgasm, and wants some help getting over the edge. While it doesn’t directly increase your orgasm, it can definitely help you to get there if you’re struggling with stimulation!

Blossom Organic’s Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel is a gel made with high quality organic materials that causes a pleasurable warming sensation shortly after being applied to the clitoris, a sensation that increases circulation to help heighten sensitivity. If you’re a person who struggles to make the final push to orgasm, this gel in conjunction with a vibrator would definitely get you there.

Sensuva hit almost every mark with their arousal oil. Even though it’s not compatible with condoms and will stain most fabrics, it’s the perfect addition to any intimate encounter – including foreplay, intercourse, and solo stimulation. A small amount goes a long way, treating your clit to a warm, highly sensitive effect that’ll last up to over half an hour.

7. Tantus Progressive Vibrating Anal Beads

Before this toy, I had never tried vibrating anal toys before, and found I really enjoyed that sensation. I will definitely be using them again. It’s a high-quality toy with a nice design and satisfying vibrations! A more experienced user may be able to manipulate the bendy beads to stimulate the vagina, and people with prostates may find an extra level of fun. So, give those things a try and report back in the comments!

8. Tantus Vibrating C-Ring

This Tantus cock ring is absolutely perfect whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the sensations for the first time, or an experienced user who wants to introduce a high-quality cock ring into their play. Although the included vibrator is weak, you can easily replace it with a vibrator you love. The quality of the ring itself is hard to match. It’s incredibly body-safe, easy to use, comfortable, and easy to clean. It’s by far our favorite cock ring we’ve tried!

9. Love Bump

The Love Bump is one of those have-to-have it toys. It’s not only super unique and fabulous to play with, but it’s completely functional for both solo and partnered play. It adds an incredibly pleasurable new element to your dildo or strap-on experience that couldn’t be achieved simply by holding a bullet. It’s a hands-free, realistic, and convenient way to bring extra stimulation to an already fabulous sexual experience. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that already uses dildos or strap ons. It’s a must-have!

10. Booty Parlor

Booty Parlor makes a wide array of gorgeous products, from body lotions and massage oils to vibrating panties, whips, and edible body fondues! Their products are both romantic and erotic – luxury and affordable. Check out their full range of products here.

Top 10 Best for Beginners

These are toys that are under $50, reasonably high-quality, with moderate vibrations and functions that will probably please a beginner. There were so many fabulous low-cost toys this year, we couldn’t stop at just 10! Here’s our top 18.

  1. Blush Yogi Bunny – A high-quality, inexpensive rabbit vibrator perfect for new rabbit users.
  2. Bswish Bnaughty Deluxe – The Bnaughty is a very inexpensive bullet, yet features silky smooth silicone, waterproof design, and several speeds and vibrations. It’s a great deal!
  3. Bamboo Mini Vibe – The perfect bullet vibrator – at just $25! It’s sleek, smooth, powerful, and everything a beginner needs.
  4. Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny – Another powerful rabbit that’s perfect for beginners.
  5. Maxxx Power Vibe – A large, girthy, incredibly powerful vibrator.
  6. Rocks Off RO 160 mm – The powerful, high-quality vibrator that’s sleek and low priced.
  7. Evolved Fleur de Lis – The slim, inexpensive, moderately strong vibe perfect for beginners!
  8. Evolved Lucky 7 – The versatile g-spot vibrator where the odds are always in your favor.
  9. Vibrating Diamond – The luxurious diamond-shaped vibrator with strong, satisfying vibrations.
  10. Cal Exotics L’Amour – Get your internal vibes on with this perfectly shaped, inexpensive vibrator.
  11. Bswish Bgee Classic – Vibrator virgin? This slim g-spot vibe is the one to pop your cherry.
  12. NS Novelties Tinglers Plug – The incredible vibrating anal plug.
  13. Loveo Nox and Loveo Ione – The voice controlled vibrator that’s sleek and semi powerful, and a totally unique, touch-controlled massager. These are more expensive and not very strong, but the unique features are pretty cool for the price.
  14. Envie G-Spot – The silicone massager perfect for targeting the g-spot.
  15. PicoBong Kaya – A moderately powerful, well-designed rabbit.
  16. Jack Rabbit One Touch – The rumbly rabbit that’s great at g-spot massaging.
  17. OhMiBod Lovelife Smile – The discreet, handheld vibrator with pin-point vibrations.
  18. Bimini Ocean – A whimsical rabbit style vibrator.

Honorable Mention – PicoBong Transformer

When I first laid eyes on the Transformer, my jaw dropped. This sex toy is revolutionary: a contorting, gender neutral, double ended vibrator that’s waterproof AND rechargeable! PicoBong says this toy can be used any way, and they are serious. You can move this vibrator into countless different positions for unique solo or partnered experiences. The parts that bend are a bit too stiff, but it does allow the positions to hold no matter how you move. Overall, it’s a perfect toy for insertion, external stimulation, him, her, or them! So why is it just an honorable mention? Well, the vibes weren’t that strong… and it’s pretty expensive. But it’s a really cool way to explore what sensations feel great for you.

Top 10 Worst Sex Toys

  1. Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel – This “sensitive skin” lube is very misleading, as the ingredients are known to cause burning and pain!
  2. Velvet Lusso Vibrating Spheres – This toy is actually good for the price, because you usually don’t find vibrating balls for so cheap. But, you can definitely tell that it’s cheap.
  3. Ann Summers Ultimate G – This toy just doesn’t work nearly even close to expected.
  4. G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop – With too big balls, this toy isn’t going anywhere.
  5. Revel Body Reach – We didn’t like the original Revel Body toy, and we liked the attachment even less.
  6. Pipedream Mini Silk Rope Sampler – The ropes aren’t made out of silk, and are far too small to do any real tying.
  7. Rocks Off Bullet Bunny – This vibrator has barely-there vibrations.
  8. Rocks Off RO-80 mm – The pocket size vibe that can barely be felt.
  9. Trustex Mint Lube – This lube was sticky, and didn’t even taste great!
  10. KY Liquibeads – The concept is great, but in practice, it’s way too messy.


  1. Wraparound Mattress Restraints – This is a must-have piece of BDSM gear, whether you’re a beginner or a serious kinkster! It’s strong, reliable, easy to use, and very versatile. Really, you gotta get it!
  2. Bijoux Indiscrets Desir Métallique Handcuffs – These gorgeous handcuffs and luxurious and stylish. They’re not meant to be strong or withstand rough wear, but they’re a nice piece of kinky lingerie to wear for light play.
  3. Spartacus Kink Kit – This gorgeous leather kink kit has everything you need to get started. It’s on the expensive side, but the items will last you a lifetime if you treat them right!
  4. Sportsheets 5-Piece Hogtie Set – A staple piece of BDSM gear that’s strong, high-quality, and gets the job done!
  5. Burger Ball Gag – This is a must-have gag because it’s both hilarious AND functional.

Lube of the Year

We are totally obsessed with Wicked Sensual Care this year! So far, we’ve tried 8 of their products – all of which were total favorites. Check out our reviews of their Salted Caramel and Candy Apple flavored lubricants, as well as their Ultra Chill and Aqua Heat sensation lubricants. They also have a fabulous Jelle anal lubricant, sensitive lubricantToy Love lubricant, and toy cleaner. We’re reviewing many more of their products in 2016, so stay tuned!

Toy Company of the Year

We were consistently blown away with the high quality and luxurious touch of LELO toys. Although we have only reviewed 6 of their toys, we have no hesitation naming LELO our favorite toy company of the year. Their products live up to their quality promise, delivering power and pleasurable designs, topped off with luxury accents – like rechargeable features, music-controlled vibes, scented vibes, vibes dressed in gold, and nice quality packaging, personal lubricant, and warranty with each purchase. We’ve reviewed the Lily 2 (scented vibrator, #10 this year), the Mona 2 (ranking #3 on our Best Toys list), the Mona Wave (with an honorable mention), the Siri 2 (music controlled, #10), Mia 2, and the Ella (#2 last year)  – all of which were perfection, or very close to it!

Lingerie of the Year

Every slutty girl needs a bit of lingerie. Whether it’s something flirty and girly – sensual and stunning – or scandalously show-stopping… lingerie can set the mood and bring your deepest fantasies to reality. The right lingerie can transform you into an irresistible sex kitten, with a boost of confidence that will stay with you throughout your session (and beyond)! Yet, buying lingerie isn’t always as simple as slipping on the perfect piece. It’s important to find the right lingerie for your body, a fit that flatters your curves, and a designer that uses high-quality materials to keep your lingerie lasting beyond a few light wears. Beyond that, there are very few in-person stores that carry quality lingerie – so we’re often left sorting through online retailers, unsure if their quality meets our high standards, their sizing is flexible, and their customer service is helpful. Stay tuned for our upcoming lingerie reviews, where we’ll regularly share our favorites!


Toys that Gave Us Nightmares

The Intensity was by far number one for nightmare-inducing toys. It uses electro-shocks inside your vagina to stimulate kegel exercises (and apparently orgasm). Yikes!

Our Favorite Review

The Jimmy Jane Hello Touch X was one toy that was in a league of its own this year! This shocking toy was totally intimidating, but our brave reviewer covered it with ease – complete with safety tips that are a must-read if you’re going to try electrostimulation.

Most Unique, Innovative, & Creative

Meet the vibrator that doubles as a water massager. Drops of Sweden is the perfect toy to play in the bath with! If you love laying under the spigot or cozying up to some hot tub jets, give this water-powered toy a try.

Best Novelty

Bijoux Indiscrets’ Vibrating Diamond is so precious, chic, and surprisingly powerful! This toy proves that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, no matter the form…

Romance Product

Not surprisingly, we didn’t review many romance products this year… it’s just not an active part of our vocabulary! But, being adventurous sometimes means diving into the world of champagne, roses, bubble baths, and massages… so we’ll be reviewing many more romance-inspired treats! In the meantime, give our favorite massage candle from Booty Parlor a try!

A Man’s Perspective

Even guys can get in on the fun!

My man’s favorite

He had two big favorites this year – the Tantus Soft Vibrating C-Ring and the Hot Octopuss – both of which were fabulous and meant for both of our pleasures!

My man’s most hated

The IMTOY Piu was way too small to be pleasurable – and the porn selection it came with left lots to be desired!

There you have it! A quick guide of all our favorites and most hated’s of the last year.

What about you? Did you discover an incredible toy in 2015? Which toys did you want to throw out of a moving car??