If you’re anything like me, you might start your day checking your horoscope to see what the stars hold in store. Am I going to fall in love? Will I succeed at work? I admit, my horoscope doesn’t always get it right, but I absolutely love how astrology can give me an inspiring self-care boost, or bring me closer to others when we talk about traits from our signs that align.

That’s why I was so excited to check out Bijoux Indiscrets’ new line of horoscope-inspired kits. This collection is a series of kits designed to reconnect you with your “feminine” energy – full of sensual, creative, flowing, relaxing energetic shifts. Each kit contains three items: a golden chain encasing your zodiac gemstone, a warming clitoral balm, and a small but playful finger vibrator. Each kit also has some personalized details, with a pamphlet that gives you a little bit of insight into your sex and love life persona based on your astrological sign. There are twelve unique kits in this collection, so you can go with your own star sign, one for your lover or friend, or pick up whichever one you resonate with most. I was feeling the fiery energy of the Aries Horoscope kit, and it definitely aligned my pleasure with the stars!

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Pleasure Ritual

Horoscope comes beautifully packaged in a white triangular box with gold detailing. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a pamphlet with my astrological symbol and name, which detailed my star sign’s traits. This attention to detail makes this an absolutely perfect personalized gift for anyone in your life, whether or not they embrace astrology. Inside the box is your three-step pleasure ritual, as Bijoux calls it – a necklace, arousal balm, and vibrator. Each box contains a necklace with a different natural gemstone corresponding to your star sign. The Aries kit comes with a daring Red Jasper necklace. I love that this box includes an accessory that I can wear every day, and the necklace is simple enough to go with any outfit!

Each kit also includes a clitoral balm fragranced with a unique aroma based on your sign’s element: water, fire, earth, or air. Aries is a fire sign which comes with a spiced ginger balm. The smell itself was irresistible, but the warming effect was the best part about this balm! All you need is a little bit to feel the effect, so even though the container looks small it goes a long way. Just put a little bit on your clit, or wherever you want to feel enhanced stimulation, and it will start warming up and feeling pleasurably sensitive almost right away. This is a great product to enhance any solo session, or use with a partner to increase your pleasure and sensation.

Finally, the Horoscope kit comes with a tiny finger vibrator, but don’t assume small means basic! This vibrator comes with a whopping 10 different vibration settings for you to explore your body. I found the vibrations were sufficient, but not too strong. They are definitely on the lower end of the spectrum, and best used to tease and enhance other types of play rather than to be the main event. The vibrator is waterproof but uses a battery, so you have to make sure the two parts are secured tightly before running under water to clean or use in the bath, shower, or jacuzzi. It is made of smooth body-safe silicone and has a semi-elastic band for you to slide your finger into. It is meant to be worn on the bottom of your finger for precise clitoral stimulation. Your partner can also wear it on their finger for a tease, or trail it along your body to increase sensation and arousal along all your erogenous zones. Combined with the clitoral balm, this pair is a match made in heaven (or the stars!).


This an awesome, personalized product with attention to detail and the unique set of products and horoscope insights that come with each different kit. Any kit from the Horoscope collection would make an amazing gift for someone who embraces the luxurious and sensual aspects of life, regardless of whether or not they believe in astrology. Sex toys are usually kept in the bedroom, but Horoscope comes with a beautiful necklace you can wear every day. And when you do get to your bedroom, the clitoral balm and finger vibrator make an orgasmic pair for solo playtime or exploration with a partner.

Get it at Bijoux Indescrets in any sign for $40!


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