The Minna Limon is the little sister of the Minna Ola – a clitoral vibrator controlled entirely by the pressure of your finger tips, all wrapped up in soft silicone designed in an adorable lemon shape. The technology of the Limon feels like the future. Instead of having a few pre-programmed speeds and patterns, which can frankly get boring after a while – the Ola and Limon both use a squeeze pad technology that puts the control right on your fingertips. You control each and every vibration, so much that you can create your own patterns. It’s just as personal as using your hands – but with the added excitement of vibration. If you’ve ever been bored by the variation of your vibration – this vibrator is totally customizable to match your favorite motions, and will have you exploring new territory in no time. Keep reading for my review!

Note: This item has been discontinued, but you can get the Minna Ola (insertable version).

Name: Limon
Type: Traditional Vibrator, Vibrator
By: Minna

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars 
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Unique, BeginnersHigh Quality, Waterproof, Quiet, Multi Speed, Multi Function, Rumbly, Pointed Tip, Travel Friendly, Cute Design, Rechargeable, USB

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Unique Controls

Just like the Minna Ola, the Minna Limon stands out because of it’s unique technology – where the vibration intensity and pattern is controlled entirely by you. There are air pads or “squeeze pillows” on each side of the lemon, and you can squeeze one or both sides to trigger the vibration. The harder squeeze, the more this toy vibrations – giving you or your partner total control. Minna’s founder describes that it’s similar to “the gas pedal on your car – the harder you push, the more power you get”, except with this toy, just the slightest change in pressure can make a huge difference. The pace can be controlled with simply applying pressure to the pillow, making it probably the most personalized vibrator I’ve ever seen.

Once the Limon is on, the vibration has two modes: freeplay and loop. Free play mode allows you to control the pressure and vibration at every moment – whether you want less power, more power, or a pattern. It’s a really cool technology, but it can be pretty tiring – especially if you’re trying to keep a strong pressure going for a long time, or as you start to orgasm and your fingers lose control. If your fingers get tired, the vibration eases up – and if you’re on the brink of orgasm, you might lose it entirely. For me, this is frustrating… but if you want to quickly ease up on pressure from the high setting to the low, this is really handy because you can instantly switch over without cycling through patterns. Freeplay is even better when it’s with a partner, because they can keep you guessing with what they’ll do next – and they’ll feel more involved in your play time. It’s exciting for both partners that they choose exactly what it feels like for you – whether they want teasing light vibrations or unrelenting strong pressure. If you or your partner has ever gotten bored of the controls, the unique modes of the Minna line are perfect for you.

Loop mode allows you or your partner to create your own patterns (up to 10 seconds long) by recording them with the squeeze pad. You squeeze your pattern and it replays it back to you. I tend to love patterns, so experimenting with new ones was even more exciting for me. I didn’t realize how much variety there could be until I started testing them out – beyond the standard pulsing and roller coaster patterns. There’s a whole world out there to explore! I definitely love the spontaneity of being able to “choose your own adventure” so to speak, and the element of surprise that comes along with your partner picking the patterns for you.

Despite this incredible technology, there is one fatal flaw. You have to set-up your pattern each and every time you play, with no ability to save your favorite vibration setting and come back to it later. After you take the time to squeeze the pillow just right, you better hope that nothing interrupts your perfect pattern before you save it. Once you save it, well, you better enjoy it while you have it. If you decide to go back to free play mode, try a new pattern, or turn off the vibrator all together – your new favorite pattern is gone… forever. I wish there were a few other buttons that allowed you to save your vibrations for the future, so you could go back to it instantly and switch it up when you’re craving something different.


The Minna Limon has an adorable design. It’s shaped like a tiny, soft lemon that perfectly fits in the palm of my hand. It has a somewhat pointed tip on one end if you like pin-point stimulation, or you can use the rounded sides of the toy for a different sensation. The silicone exterior is really high-quality. It is velvety, smooth, and sleek – definitely one of my favorite materials for a toy. It’s the perfect size and shape to hit my clitoris just right, and would be easy to travel with, especially since it comes with a pouch!

Vibration & Power

This adorable little vibrator has unique vibration patterns covered – but falls short in vibration strength. Just like the Ola, I kept pressing harder and harder for a more intense vibration, but it never quite got there – except the vibrations of the Minna Limon are slightly less intense than the Ola, probably because of a smaller motor. But, the vibrations are incredibly rumbly, radiate throughout the toy, and are more powerful than most beginner’s vibes. So I think these vibrations would still be perfect for most people, especially someone new to vibes. For me, I would need something more intense to get me off – so this vibe was just a tease.

Packaging & USB Charge

I usually don’t bother to talk about the packaging – because the toy itself is the main event. But, Minna has made some very cool packaging for both the Limon and the Ola. Each site in cardboard tube, with the toy nestled inside. The Limon sits upright, above its instructions, USB charger, and a convenient cloth bag – eagerly awaiting to please you. It’s cute little design just begs to be touched. After opening it, you won’t be wasting time with the packaging for much longer!

The USB charger is a bit of a pain, but well worth the hassle. This little cutie seems to hold its charge forever. Even though it technically has a limited charge, it seems to just go and go and go whenever I grab for it… while most of my rechargeable vibes die after a day or two of standby. I’ve used this vibe several times, and it still hasn’t died on me, or even given me the two-pulse warning. To charge it, plug the USB port into your computer – awkward, I know. When will they ever start making rechargeable vibes with an A/C adapter? It’s much more reasonable, especially for a traveling writer that’s hooked to her computer all day. Anyway, it’s a bit anti-intuitive. Instead of pulsing which charging, and lighting up when done – this vibe pulses one light while charging, then both lights when charged. A bit of a change to get used to, but it can be done. The magnetic charging port has to be aligned perfectly without getting hit… which is a bit difficult to do when the USB is plugged into your computer. But, if you can walk away from the computer for a few hours, you’ll have a recharged vibe. No hassle there.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique pressure pad feature
  • High quality materials
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Too weak for my preferences
  • Light to moderate vibrations


The Minna Limon is very similar to the Minna Ola – just smaller. It has many of the same features – soft silicone, unique touch pad technology, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. The only difference is the design and a slightly less powerful vibration. Overall, the unique technology is the main draw of this toy. It’s really cool to have user-controlled vibrations at your fingertips, especially when you can record different patterns. But, for the price of $122, I would want stronger vibrations and the ability to record and save a pattern, rather than it disappearing entirely after just one use. I really really really love the technology – especially when used with a partner – but a few more tweaks to the features would have me really falling in love with the rest of the toy, rather than just the technology. If you have the cash to spare for a luxury vibe, and are looking for a unique experience, I would recommend the Minna line – but personally, I would probably spend the extra $30 to get the Minna Ola, because it’s stronger and has more versatility.

This item has been discontinued, but you can get the Minna Ola (insertable version) for $149.


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