Illuminate your assets with Bling Bling, a decadent kissable body powder sure to captivate those around. Filled with crushed diamond-like speckles, this powder will leave your skin glistering and sweet. And the body-safe, plant based ingredients that go into creating Bling Bling, make it 100% edible.

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can get a similar product as part of the Night of Indulgence Kit.

First Impression

A beautifully detailed box was the first thing that met my eyes when I received my Bling Bling. Inside was a round, black container with a slightly raised top, which is what holds the body powder. In the middle is a shiny button-like area with small gold markings of butterflies.

The top of the container easily twists off, and a clear dispenser over the powder makes for mess-free use, only releasing a small amount at a time. There is also a mini white puff with a little black bow and loop, perfect for application.

The body powder itself is a shimmery white with no distinct smell, but the color disappears at it’s dabbed onto the skin, only leaving small specks of glitter. Everything about Bling Bling’s look is reminiscent of the powders you’d find lining the vanities of beautiful Hollywood stars.

Sweet Taste

With a fluffy texture like powdered sugar, Bling Bling is weightless and the ideal level of sweet. It’ll definitely satisfy any sweet tooth, but doesn’t overdo it. It tastes simply delicious, and your partner will want to trail their tongue wherever it goes.

And since this powder doesn’t contain sugar or any other potentially harmful ingredients, you can use it pretty much anywhere you desire. But it’s especially perfect for wearing down your neck, and across your shoulders and chests- popular places for trailing kisses!


Your partner won’t want to stop kissing and licking you to desire when you have this on. Made of food-grade ingredients, Bijoux Indiscrets’ Bling Bling is a delicious body powder that leaves a sweet, suggestively shimmering trail that is virtually irresistible. It’s an accessory every girl should have in her bedside chambers, ready to go for her next rendezvous.

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can get a similar product as part of the Night of Indulgence Kit.


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