Anyone ever tried roleplay?

While I’ve personally never really explored that aspect of sensuality, I’ve always liked the ritual aspect roleplay. Outfits! Props! Improv! The whole process just sounds like a lot of fun – you might set the scene or wear certain lingerie, and the entire procedure can act as foreplay and be a great way to explore some fantasies, or even just have a bit of a laugh. But let’s be real: a lot of people love dressing up, and it’s often the act of adorning oneself that signifies a special occasion. Fancy sensual accessories can make a big impression and mark a partnered encounter as something really magnificent, and dressing the part can really help get one into the mood and promote intimacy through making you feel confident and fabulous.

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Gorgeous, Intricate Mask

So I was very interested to try out the Bijoux Indiscrets Kristine mask, a piece from their series of exceptionally delicate vinyl masks made to gently cling to your face and both accentuate and obscure your eyes. They have six designs ranging from butterflies in flight to delicate netting to wispy lace, and they’re all incredibly fragile-looking and intricate, made to wrap around your face and stay there as if suspended by magic. The Kristine mask is actually my favorite of them all due to its abstract geometric style. It almost looks as if it’s been drawn onto the model’s face in the marketing images.

Lovely Packaging

The Bijoux Indiscrets Kristine mask comes with minimal packaging compared to the company’s usual luxury style, though, I love the flat envelope style of the cardboard packaging, with the classic Bijoux Indiscrets branding on the front. It flips open to reveal the mask sitting behind a little cut-out window, with text on the flip-cover reminding you to “cover your eyes and reveal your true self.”

The mask is further protected with a thin piece of card inside a plastic sheet, which also includes a row of little adhesive dots that actually secure it to your face. I really liked this, because I’d assumed that the entire mask would be like a sticker and pick up a lot of cat-hair and detritus with regular use. Actually, the Kristine mask is non-adhesive vinyl, very thin and delicate and wispy, which made me glad I wouldn’t need to peel it off my face and stretch all the pretty triangles out of shape.

How to Wear It

Applying the mask is fairly easy – just peel off some adhesive stickers, apply to the handy dot-points visible on the mask, and gently press it to your face; lifting carefully by the sticky dots to reapply and adjust until it looks right to you. The Kristine has five dot-points, and of course, you don’t need to use them all. I immediately did just that but found that the mask tended to lift and curl when I smiled, so it helped to only use the upper adhesive points on the forehead and sides of the face. The mask can be worn any way you want, even upside down – whatever looks best on you!

In Use

In use, I found that the adhesive stickers are pretty strong, doing a good job of not allowing the mask to flop off my face despite the heavy moisturizer I use. I can imagine that wearing foundation would make keeping it secure a touch harder though, but you can always add more stickers if necessary. I really loved how the Kristine mask isn’t held up by anything external to the design. There’s no awkward piece of elastic that goes around your head and looks sloppy, no pins, no heaviness of the mask itself. Just a pure sense of weightless, like I was peering out through a delicate geometric cage. The mask doesn’t obscure too much of your vision, but I did find myself very aware of the way my eyes were partially covered but simultaneously highlighted. It was a pretty cool feeling! I loved the way it immediately made me look mysterious and a little aloof, despite the fact that I was still in my pajamas, and I could easily imagine wearing it as part of a fancy dress outfit or sensual roleplay encounter.


I would definitely recommend the Bijoux Indiscrets Kristine mask to anyone wishing to expand their wardrobe of sensual accessories with something a little out of the ordinary… especially if you’re going to a sexy masquerade event, or simply want to explore role-play with some unique, luxurious accents!

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