One Pleasure Dome is a condom that is a must add to your collection. The fit is tight enough to stay on, but has a dome for the tip, allowing for more space and breathability for the head of the penis. If you’re uncircumcised, this is a fantastic condom choice, as it allows more space for the foreskin to move around and increase stimulation.

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Name: One Pleasure Dome
Type: Condom
By: One

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils

Unique Shape With Extra Room

My partner absolutely loved this condom. He is uncircumcised and frequently complains about the tips of condoms being too tight on his foreskin. The pleasure dome allows for more room at the head of the penis, so the foreskin is able to glide back and forth without pain or friction. From a female perspective, I didn’t really notice anything special about this condom. There were times when my partner moved that I could actually feel the tip of the condom kind of loose inside me, so that felt weird. For lack of a better description, it felt like a plastic bag shifting around in my vagina. But once I told my partner my concern, we moved out of missionary to switched positions and that feeling was gone.

Awesome Packaging

The coolest part about One brand condoms for me is the packaging. I think it’s really cool they come in a round wrapper, I’ve never seen a condom wrapped like that before. But, the best part is each package comes with a condom storage container. The top and bottom of the packaging are two silver tins that click together to store your condoms. You can fit a few condoms in here – usually not the whole package worth, and refill whenever you need to.

This is super innovative because traditionally guys keep condoms in their wallets. That’s a really bad idea because the friction from rubbing around in the wallet can cause the condoms to break or wear out more easily. By making this sleek and round storage tin, One has given its users the opportunity to safely and easily store their condoms. The tin can fit in most pockets and purses, and is way better than tossing a condom in unprotected. Definitely a huge plus. Thank you, One!

Circular Wrapper

The one downside of these condoms is that the actual wrapper is circular. It looks super cool, and the design of the packaging is amazing. But the wrapper being a circle can make it a little difficult to open the condom. With normal square wrappers, you have the ability to rip the corner straight across, and know the condom isn’t in the way. With One condoms, sometimes when you tear the wrapper, the condom gets torn with it. It’s not a huge downfall, it just means you need to take an extra second to adjust the condom within the wrapper before opening it. But we all know sometimes you’re just too focused on getting it on to think about that. If you do accidentally rip the condom, immediately throw it out and get another. Do not use the ripped or torn condom under any circumstances.

Pros & Cons


  • Thin
  • Lubricated
  • Dome Shaped Tip
  • Storage Container


  • Packaging
  • “Loose” Tip


I think this condom is a necessity if you’re uncircumcised. It provides space for your penis to move the way it naturally should. It’s thin enough that the condom does not reduce any stimulation. Even if you are circumcised, One Pleasure Dome could work great for you as well! It just might be a bit too loose on the tip.

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