Remember when belly chains were a thing? I do, and so does luxury sensual accessory company Bijoux Indiscrets. They released the Magnifique series of light, metallic BDSM-inspired gear that functions as an eye-catching way to adorn the body with beautiful chain jewelry. I received the Magnifique Waist Chain to review, and I can safely say that if you’ve ever had any sexy Princess Jasmine fantasies, this is the high-end belly chain for you.

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Lovely Packaging

Firstly, I always love the design of the Bijoux Indiscrets packaging, and this is no exception. The Magnifique waist chain comes in a small, flattish box that is black with gold accents that really push that luxurious feel. The box has a flip-top lid that demonstrates one way to wear the chain, but it opens at the side of the box, where the product is safely stashed inside a little baggie. Detangling it feels a bit like playing cat’s cradle, but I was too excited to care the first time – although I will probably store it on a clothes hanger in future.

Gorgeous Design

When the waist chain is (finally) detangled, it’s a really lovely object to behold. The Magnifique collection was originally only available in gold, but the company has expanded their colour options to include silver and black options for many pieces. All are nickle-free and body-safe, so have no fear of an allergic reaction. My waist chain is in the classic luxe gold and consists of two different types of chain – a delicate pearl chain (think of the dotted chain on your bathplug) that makes up most of the swirls and dangles of the primary decorative part, and a normal linked chain that actually fastens around your waist via a lobster-clip. The pearl-style chain is secretly awesome, because the little ‘pearls’ aren’t quite spherical – they actually have flat facets that assist in catching and reflecting the light to maximise the twinkle. Classic Bijoux Indiscrets and their excellent attention to detail and design.

How to Wear It

Putting on the chain is easy, just hold it over your body and adjust until you feel comfortable and sexayyy. Bijoux has a few suggestions for placement, namely around the waist with the centre circle aligned with your spine and the descending loops cascading over your butt; pulled over one hip with the loops falling on either side; or around your chest with the circle between your breasts. I think this last one is my favorite, because that’s some serious Princess Jasmine shit. I like the way it almost cups my breasts without digging in uncomfortably, allowing the chains to dangle and fall freely. This looks awesome with a bra, and even better without.

Wearing it this way makes me feel like a sensual belly-dancer because of the way the chains react to movement. They jiggle against your skin with every step you take, making you supremely conscious of what you’re wearing and how you’re moving. It’s a wonderful, tactile reminder of what you’re wearing, and why. What I’m planning to do is wear it with a bra under my clothes when my LDR partner comes to visit, so I can whip off my shirt and yell SURPRISE so I can watch him be amazed and slightly terrified by my aggressive surprising tactics.

Versatile & Sexy

While I love the thought of bringing the chain out for purely sexy occasions, paired with lingerie or less, the versatility of the design also allows for stepping out on the town. I can imagine it paired with a bikini for strictly showy walks on the beach, even with leggings or a fitted top for a night out. The product is pretty sturdy and should hold up to an enthusiastic all-nighter; I would just advise you check all the connecting rings to make sure they are all closed so that none of the pieces come loose. Basically, the adaptability of this accessory really makes for an all-round bodily adornment that looks great in private or over clothes in public.


I’d strongly recommend the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique waist chain to anyone looking to expand their wardrobe of lingerie accessories, or to those that want to add an extra-glamorous shimmer to their outfit. It’s high-end and beautifully luxurious for the girl who wants something sparkly to adorn herself with!

Get it at Bijoux Indescrets in silver or gold for $40.

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