I’ve always wanted to try vibrating panties ever since I saw The Ugly Truth. If you haven’t seen it, there’s an iconic scene where the lead, Katherine Heigl, ends up wearing her newly gifted vibrating panties during a business dinner. The remote gets misplaced and let’s just say hilarity ensues. So, when I had the opportunity to review these panties, I said: “Hell yes!” 

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s Vibrating Panties instead.

Name: Turn Me On Vibrating Panties
Type: Vibrating Panties
By: Booty Parlor

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Intensity:  3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silk, Lace, Plastic
Special Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Remote Controlled, Battery 

Lovely Lingerie

Booty Parlor’s vibrating panties are made of decadent silk and lace, and customers get the option to either have black satin ribboned sides or pink satin ribboned sides. The material is very high quality, soft, luxurious to touch. Although they are one size fits most, the bikini-style panty can easily be adjusted using the ribboned ties to accommodate several sizes. The gusset has a soft cotton interior for extra comfort, which also holds the removable bullet. The manufacturer recommends a few things for caring for these panties… The first is that before you use the panties (as with any panty), you should hand wash them in cool water with gentle detergent. It’s also recommend you hang them up to dry.

Vibrations & Power

How do they vibrate exactly? The panties come with a removable vibrating bullet that can be inserted into the gusset of the panty. The bullet is surprisingly pretty large. You won’t be able to hide this large bullet under a pair of skinny jeans, and it would definitely be difficult to walk around with, even under a flowey skirt. But, if you’re playing with them in the bedroom, the size won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too bulky to be discreet if you’re looking to use it in public.

The bullet features ten settings. These vibration patterns are perfect for everyone – whether you’re a beginner or advanced. They are as follows:

  1. Low, steady vibration
  2. Medium, steady vibration
  3. High, steady vibration
  4. Pulsing vibration
  5. Slow-slow-fast vibration
  6. High to low pulsating vibration
  7. Low to high steady vibration
  8. On and off low to high steady vibration
  9. Low to high pulsing vibration
  10. Low to high pulsating vibration

The vibrations are surprisingly strong and rumbly, given the size of the bullet. It won’t be as strong as the highest quality bullet out there, but it’s definitely in the mid-level range. The lowest setting is a deep buzz, and the higher settings get faster and stronger. Those who prefer lighter toys will find this toy to be very strong and satisfying. Those who prefer strong toys will find this toy to be mid-level and just more powerful than teasing.

Along with the removable vibrating bullet, the panties also come equipped with a remote control with a light up LED screen that’s capable of inflicting pleasure on you from 20-feet away! The panties also come with the batteries included. To prolong battery life, the manufacturer recommends taking the batteries out of the bullet after each use. To clean the vibrating bullet, simply use your favorite toy cleaner and a soft cloth. 

My Experience

I’m definitely a toy gal when it comes to self pleasure, and these panties were a win in my book. When I first tried them on, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I was not disappointed. I loved playing around with all the different settings and seeing which ones I liked best and my fiancé was thrilled to be able to control my pleasure from so far away. 

I did notice over time that my pussy started to get a bit numb from all the sensation. At that point, though, I just took them off. For me, that was about 20-30 minutes, but ultimately, in my book, that’s definitely enough time for a good pleasure session, whether as a solo session or a partner session. The other thing I noticed is that the sensation is definitely different if you’re standing up or if you’re sitting down. This may vary from person to person, and how much pressure or what position it’s in during use. Finally, the signal from the remote to the panties can be affected by how close your partner is to you. For example, if they’re 15-20 feet from you, the setting might not change as quickly as when they’re right next to you. 

Pros & Cons


  • High quality, luxury, adjustable panty
  • Body safe, strong vibrator with several settings
  • Remote controlled


  • Batteries are an odd size and may be difficult to replace
  • A bit too large to be comfortably worn in public



As a surprise gift for someone you love (including yourself), I think this vibrating panty does it all. Not only is it extremely comfortable and well-made (silk and lace, people), it also has a pattern for everyone with nice vibrations. The panties are incredibly easy to use and they’re perfect for pretty much any use. One of my favorite things about the vibrator is how quiet it was! While I wouldn’t recommend using these while you were taking a test or sitting in a silent library, I could totally see walking around town with these buzzing away, and no one noticing. (Granted, the vibrator is very bulky, so it wouldn’t be the most comfortable to walk around with.) The best part is, if you needed a pair of sexy panties, these can easily double as regular (albeit, sexy) panties. P.S. I’m wearing them right now 😉

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s Vibrating Panties instead.

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