Bar Fun For Cheap

We’ve all been there; We cash our paychecks after a long week of work feeling like we are rich yet open our wallets on Monday morning to find that they are empty! Where does the money go and how can we prevent this from happening? Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on how to keep that cash stationary and not in that cute bartender’s pocket.

The Drunk Munch

The drunk munch is when we impulsively break our diets and our bank to buy Dominos that we most likely don’t need. We spend money on food that we don’t end up eating or get a fair share of. The drunk munch is normally at 2: am on a Saturday after last call as you slum your way back to the apartment. You have been dancing and flirting all night with the guy from your freshman year English class who you secretly had a crush on. You were about to make your move but the lights went on and crushed your dreams. You are emotional, drunk, and need comfort. So you order a pizza with your girlfriends and find comfort in the greasy, cheesy pie. How do we prevent this from happening? Now the drunk much is not a bad thing; everyone gets hungry after a night out and wants to eat. The key is eating smart and eating in a way that doesn’t break your diet, bank or leave you the next day saying “why the *bleep* did I eat a whole pizza last night”. Stock up on inexpensive alternatives to your favorite foods before you go out or make food that will satisfy your cravings (Ex. grilled cheese, crackers and cheese, pita pizza) and leave you feeling full and happy.

Specialty Drinks

Ah, the sex on the beach’s and the mojitos (my personal guilty pleasure). Yes, they taste amazing and get you drunk fast yet, but they also cost a pretty penny. Though it may seem silly, pay attention to the cost of drinks at the bar the next time you go. Would it make more sense to make the specialty drinks at home rather than at the bar? Make the expensive drinks at home where you know you could make them for $1.50 and save $4.50. You could save a lot by skipping the Long Island Ice Tea’s and settling for vodka-cran instead. Some people aren’t willing to sacrifice their favorite drinks at the bar but it’s not about sacrifice, it’s about compromise. Why not have a few drinks (as long as you have a DD) at the house then go and have two of your favs at the bar?

Carry Cash

Though it is 10,000 times easier to just bring your card and open up a tab, resist the temptation. Bringing cash to the bar is a fantastic idea. It helps you spend exactly what you want to spend and resist the urge to buy drinks when you’ve exceeded the amount you wanted to spend. Tabs are messy. You can easily lose track of what you are drinking, who you bought drinks for and how much they all cost you. You often forget your card at the bar and have to slum your way back the next day. Decide how much money you want to bring and stick to it. Encourage friends to remind you that you’ll have money for next weekend because of your efforts. This can also keep you from drinking too much. You know your limit is three vodka cranberry’s. So bring enough for the three drinks and don’t bring a penny more. Have trusted friends carry your $10 of emergency money and give it back to you at the end of the night if not spent. Carrying cash helps you save money, not get too sloppy and make a graceful exit from the bar.

Taxi Man

It’s 1 am, your friends want to go home, and you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to that hottie. So what’s a girl to do? Do you stay at the bar and catch a cab home or sigh and follow your friends? Taxis are expensive; they are especially not worth it if you are only going a short distance. So how do we avoid them? Pack some comfy shoes! If the bar is close enough to your apartment, make your way home. If the bar is too far, switch on and off with your friends and take turns each weekend being the D.D. If nobody wants to do that SOME (keyword: SOME) people believe in the old try and true approach. One person doesn’t drink at the pregame and drives everyone to the destination while another doesn’t drink at all at the bar so they are fine by closing time to drive home. Always assign a D.D before you go out and make sure they know of their duties and responsibilities. Never let a friend drive drunk. It is always better to call for a ride than to let an intoxicated driver behind the wheel.

Dollar Makes Me Holler

HAPPY HOUR IS YOUR BEST FRIEND…. I REPEAT LOVE HAPPY HOUR! Happy hour is a fantastic way to get the biggest bang for your buck. Many bars have drink specials and two for ones at certain hours on certain days. The drinks on special may be something you order on a normal night out. Write down which bars have happy hours and specials on which nights and plan your nights accordingly. A lot of bars also have game night specials where food and drinks are discounted on the big day. Some even give free shots out when your team scores. Plus football=boys and boys=potential buyers of your next drink.

Pack a Little Treat

Pack yourself a little goody bag. Whether it be a water bottle of whiskey, a mixed drink, or a ziplock bag of nips (hey if you can bring them on a plane why not bring them to the bar?). An on-the-go beverage may be frowned upon but it can really save you money! If you aren’t into packing alcohol in your goody bag, pack a snack for when you get hungry. This will even help prevent the drunk munchies!

Flirt A Little… or a Lot

Sometimes you have to take one for the team and slap on a push-up bra and wear your shirt a little lower than you normally would. A little flirt gets you everywhere in life and tons of drinks at the bar. Not to mention that we all have egos and they need to be stroked every once in a while. Walk away with a free drink and with a little bit more confidence.

Stay safe and have fun! Always be aware of your surroundings and the drinks that boys may buy for you. Look out for your friends and have them look out for you. And always remember that there are ways to save money on your weekend bar crawl.