Somewhere among the sprawling fields, 5 stages, and endless entertainment, tents, and events, you’re bound to find the festival man of your dreams at Camp Bisco. He might be clad in a tye-dye t-shirt, dirt-caked flip flops, his dirty long hair pulled back in a bandana and an herb-induced smile, or he may channel his energy through an animal spirit hood, sensible sneakers, bandana mask, and artistic kandi bracelets and accessories layered everywhere you look. Regardless, this man will be the love of your life, until you lose each other when you wander away in search of a falafel sandwich with hummus on the side. You’ll hold hands, trade bracelets (hemp or kandi), and lovingly roll around on the grass, under the sun, flowers in your hair, and laugh as all the not-quite-so-enamored festival goers walk by. But how do you find this man of your dreams?  Where will he be? Of course, he’s likely to show up out of the blue, probably when you’re down to one last cigarette and searching for a lighter (that’s how the best relationships always start). But, if you’re eager to make it happen beyond a stroke of luck and enhance your opportunities, here are some suggestions for meeting this wandering lover, striking up a conversation, and dancing him back to your campsite.


During your favorite artist’s performance

Festivals unite the masses, bringing together a mixture of people and breaking down the cultural boundaries of gender, race, nationality, location, and all the differences that normally keep us separated from one another. With these walls lowered, festivals are the perfect place to feel united as one, brought together by a common bond, shared experience, and love of the same music. This sense of unity is especially prominent when celebrating the love of your favorite artist, and you can utilize this common connection to bond with the people around you. In fact, dancing next to someone and feeling their vibes and positive energy may even and spark the beginning of a friendship… or open the door to a romantic fling.

If you’re feeling the magic with someone special, you can take it a step further and use your favorite artist’s song to your advantage. Pass him some green during Flosstradamus’s “Roll Up”, because nothing says “match made in festival heaven” like a shared joint to trap.

If that’s not really your style, shoot him a coy smile during Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets”. Because, you know, “Let this be our little secret… no one needs to know we’re feeling…” …or not. If you’re hooking up at a festival, chances are everyone around you will know, and it won’t be a little secret for long.

If you’re a bit more romantic, gently brush up against him during the sensual sounds of Lotus’s “Spiritualize”. In the chill of the night, he might just wrap his warm arms around you, sway with you in the moonlight, and you’ll melt into each other until your bodies become one.

But before this turns into Erotic Festival Fiction, let’s look at some more direct ways to catch your prospect’s attention.


When you need a sip of water

While you’re dancing for hours on end to Tommy Trash’s hypnotic set, you’ll definitely need some refreshments… a sip of water, beer, or even a stick of gum. Don’t worry. This is the perfect opportunity to meet that hot guy dancing next to you. Tap him on the shoulder, and ask him for what you need! Chances are, he’ll have it… and if he doesn’t, his cute friend probably will! But DON’T take this as an opportunity to strike up a full conversation. We’re dancing here, not discussing the politics of PLUR, your major, or your plans to go back to work after the weekend. Keep it casual, cool, and concise. If all goes well, this newly formed friendship can easily fast forward to the next level…


When you need a shoulder ride

The desire will probably overcome you during Bassnectar’s “Bass Head”, but beware of this surging and manic crowd. You may want to perfect the art of shoulder riding during a slightly less chaotic crowd. Some safety cautions are to be advised. Distribute your weight evenly, make sure he holds on to your knees, and if all else fails, gracefully make your fall look like a dance move. You were totally trying to transition to crowd surf! Professional shoulder riders may attempt this stunt during the crazy Dillon Francis set, but be sure to hold on as he drops his “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” banger. We recommend against getting shoulder rides during Camp Bisco’s headliner, The Disco Biscuits. As euphoric as it may feel, you’ll be blocking the view of die hard fans, and the people behind you can and will throw their water bottles at your back.


Wandering around

If these in-concert techniques fail you, don’t get discouraged. Remember: everyone is there for the music, and hooking up isn’t necessarily on the top of their priority list. But if you’re still in search for your festival companion, don’t fear! You may get lucky and find him just wandering around, and hitting some of the more low-key areas of Camp Bisco’s atmosphere.

Camp grounds are an amazing place to meet people. Ask for something you need – like a lighter, napkins, or a condiment – and offer something they may need in return – like some of your freshly grilled veggie burgers, or a beer.

At the Ferries Wheel, find someone who wants to go all the way… to the top, that is. And get that epic smooch overlooking the festival grounds.


Wander to the Hammock Lounge by the lake… the perfect place to relax with your sweetie, or meet a loving someone in need of a cuddle puddle partner.

Take a moment to unwind and admire some of the beautiful art installations nestled around the grounds. Find a new friend to share in the awe and beauty of the moment.


If you’re up late, try the Silent Disco, where all-nighters go to keep the party going.

Find your inner Ohm at Yoga and Hooping workshops, where you can explore your creative talents, and learn some moves to take back to the tent. 😉


Embrace your humanitarian heart at eco friendly areas, where you’ll meet new friends with similar interests and a love for the world around them.

Wherever you go, keep an open mind. This is a wonderful place to make friends, and almost everyone you meet will be kind, big hearted, and happy to meet you!

Let Our Tents do the Talking

If you’ve attempted and hooked your Festival Soulmate with one of these techniques, it’s time to take the next step, and frolic off together into the sunset (or back to your campsite, realistically). After the set is over or you’re about to part ways, ask him where he’s going next. Maybe you’ll be headed to the same artist or destination… and if not, you can casually suggest meeting up later, and trade numbers or camp site locations (cell service permitting).

Most of all, remember: do not get attached.  He’s your hookup, not your future husband, and while you may be sharing this magical evening together, he’ll look much worse on Day 3, let alone in the re-cap pictures on Facebook. He may even be using a fake name. (Did you really think “PLUR Starshine of the Cosmos” was on his birth certificate?)

Are you going to Camp Bisco? Comment below, and we’ll meet you there!

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Originally published on May 29, 2013.