Sex toys are just like anything else you use to care for your body. They treat us well, so we should treat them well in return. If you care for your sex toys it will not only be beneficial to them, but your vagina (or wherever else they may go) will thank you as well.


When you store dildos, or any other sex toy, you need to be very particular with how you do it. It doesn’t work to just throw them into the bottom of your underwear drawer with whatever else may be in there. They need to be treated like a one-night-stand’s penis: wrapped very carefully.

While there are lots of fancy storage containers and holders for the seasoned dildo pro, I prefer simple satin draw string bags. The satin makes sure that no matter where you put them, even the most realistic of dildo will be safe. More than once have I stored awesome, realistic dildos improperly and the “skin” has ruptured as a result. You can usually purchase bags of all sizes at your local sex shop for about four dollars. Travel shoe bags do the trick, too!


Something that is a major part of taking care of your sex toys is keeping them clean. Toys can harbor bacteria that can cause yeast infections and other infections like BV, so it’s best to clean them thoroughly before and after use.

Silicone, glass, and steel toys are non-porous, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic. All three can be washed with antibacterial soap, boiled, or tossed in the dishwasher (without soap) – as long as they are waterproof and don’t have any vibrating components. If your toy has vibrating parts but is waterproof, you can still use warm water and antibacterial soap. If your toy is not waterproof, you can wipe them with your favorite sex toy cleaner. Check out Condomania for a variety of quality sex toy cleaners. (Though most non-waterproof toys are still “splashproof”, meaning you can give them a wipe down with soap and water as long as you don’t fully submerge them in water. Check the instruction manual that came with your toy to be sure!) Be sure to buy non-porous toys with body-safe materials like silicone or glass, such as toys from the curators at The Adult Toy Shop!


With a Partner

Toys are even more fun when playing with a partner, but partner play also comes with the risk of spreading STI’s. To avoid STI transmission, you can use condoms to keep toys STI-free while playing with a partner. Just switch condoms between partners to lower the chance of spreading STIs – and always clean a toy after use, even if you used a condom with it. Simply washing a toy with soap or a toy cleaner will not prevent the spread of STIs – however, for non-vibrating silicone, glass, and steel toys – if you boil them between uses, they are completely safe to share with as many people as you want, without having to use condoms.

Treat your toys right, and they’ll keep treating you right, too!