The most exciting part of your freshman year of college is move-in day. You’ve counted down the days for what feels like years now. You can’t wait to meet your new roomie, crossing your fingers she’s nothing like Rebecca from The Roommate! When you’re finally all settled in – with pictures on the wall, bed made all neat, and fridge stocked (presumably with alcohol), you talk to your roomie, who’s actually pretty cool, about your overwhelming excitement for the first weekend out! Here’s some helpful hints to surviving those crazy nights during you first few weekends at college.


Your Outfit

You’ll no doubt try on your entire closet and probably some of your roomie’s stuff too. You can never go wrong with a crop top and a skirt to really show off what you’re working with. If you can handle the heels, then kill it girl! Your bag choice is also important. You might not want to wear one at all – but if you’re planning on bringing essentials like your ID, phone, and lipgloss, you probably should. A cross body bag is usually the most convenient because your hands are free and you don’t have to put it down. Or, to prevent yourself from getting an ‘Open Container’ ticket, a big enough bag is the ideal place to hide your drinks in a water bottle. Bring some cash because a late night food stop is likely going to happen, but not too much in case it gets lost or stolen. Your ID should also go in there and be sure to put it in a safe pocket so it doesn’t fall out.

The absolute most important thing to wear and NEVER forget is your confidence! Be confident with yourself, your outfit and your body overall. Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows she’s hot. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY!


Don’t try to be THAT girl who thinks she can keep up with the guys from down the hall if you can’t actually handle it. Know your limit, because nobody thinks a sloppy girl is attractive or fun, and NOBODY wants to stay back to take care of you. Pace yourself. Only you know what’s too much for you, so if anyone’s pushing you to do another shot and you know your stomach disagrees, wait it out! Have a cup of water, and wait until the spins slow down. Hopefully you thought far enough ahead and ate throughout the day so you have more in your stomach than just alcohol! It will help to absorb the alcohol, and make your buzz last longer too! If you find yourself puking and you know there’s nothing in your tummy, then eat some bread. Bread absorbs the alcohol in your stomach to make it a little less harsh in there.


When you and the girls are out at a party, stay together! Don’t leave or go anywhere without telling a friend where you’re headed to. You’re never too old to use the buddy system, so take advantage of the numbers. Look out for your friends; if they say they’re leaving with a guy or anywhere alone, go with them! Maybe the next party of the night will be better than the first and if it’s not, you can go back. Allowing a drunk friend to leave with a random or by themselves could put them in serious danger. You never know what could happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Another important party tip is to NEVER put your drink down or accept an open drink from someone you don’t know and trust. By doing either of these it can put you at risk of being drugged. Everyone has heard the scary stories of the date rape drug, don’t let these stories become a reality for you!

As you stumble back to your rooms, or the bathroom for some, you’ll think and probably slur aloud to your friends that it’s going to be a great year! One last thing before you call it a night, drink a bottle of water and pop an ibuprofen (NOT TYLENOL) to ease your hangover the next morning and hopefully when you wake up you find tons of pictures to remind you of your crazy night and of course, your Slutty Girl Problems!

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