There are a lot of pleasure products on the market, but the best ones help us experience new levels of sensual satisfaction in unique ways. And that’s exactly what the Crave Vesper sets out to do! Blurring the lines of public and private, this sophisticated, high-quality necklace is the perfect accessory, and also a powerful external vibrator aimed to fulfill desires.

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Name: Vesper
External Vibrator, Jewelry

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees


Elegant Design

The Vesper is a lengthy, cylinder-shaped pendant with a rounded tip. Sleek and slim, it tastefully dangles from a 26” chain link down from the neck and between the breasts. The necklace can be worn alone or layered with other pieces. Either way, it’s a centerpiece and source of many compliments. Though it may attract attention, no one will ever guess this jewelry doubles as a sex toy, making it your own little naughty secret that feels pretty empowering.



Made of high-quality polish stainless steel, with an elegantly smooth finish, the Vesper is durable and easy to keep clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or sex toy wipe before and after use, making sure not to submerge under water. Also, the material is compatible with water-based lube, though I didn’t find myself needing anything extra to enhance the experience.




A single, small button works to control this vibrator. Simply press it to turn on and cycle through patterns, and hold for two seconds to turn off. Though small, the vibes coming from the Vesper are well-felt throughout during each mode:

  1. Steady vibration
  2. Quicker steady vibe
  3. Very intense steady vibe
  4. Quick pulsations

The areas of the toy give off different levels of satisfying intensity. Starting from the top, the vibrations are more buzzy and diffused, but midway down they become deep and rumbly, ultimately leading to super pinpointed vibes radiating from the tip. And the bottom half even heats up slightly as it vibrates, making for a nice, light way to introduce temperature play.



The Vesper comes fully charged, but a low battery warning is given off by three pulses. To charge, twist off the cap to expose the charging port. Then, screw on the included USB cable (be sure to ONLY use this one for this toy). A full charge is reached in a little under two hours and allows for one and a half hours of use.




If you’re looking for a unique vibrator that isn’t limited to the bedroom, the Vesper is for you! Small yet powerful, its range of well felt vibrations and ease of use is perfect for sex toy newbies and experienced users. But stimulating external erogenous zones isn’t all the Vesper is for. This discreet toy is also a gorgeous necklace.



I received mine in my favorite color, Rose Gold, but you can also chose from Silver and Gold finishes. In addition, it can even be personalized with a name or message, making it a wonderful gift.

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GoodVibes starting at $79.
Free shipping on orders over $69.
Pair it with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.



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