I’m always for a ride-on vibrator that allows you to rock your way to orgasm, no hands required! The movements and sensations are very much like being on top during partnered sex, except with motorized vibrations. So, it was only appropriate I give the Doc Johnson iRide a try. With a flexible shaft, large clitoral nub, and long body for full on mounting, I was sure I would be pleased.

Note: This product is no longer available. Fetish Fantasy offers an affordable “ride” style toy, which you can find at Lovehoney.

Name: iRide
Ride-on Vibrator, Dual Stimulator
Doc Johnson

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Pretty Design

The iRide is an attention-grabbing, hot pink from top to bottom. Its large, seesaw-esque body is curved just right for mounting, with extra room in the front and back for total support. In the middle, at barely 4” tall, is a short, erect shaft with a great deal of flexibility. It is slightly curved forward for G-spot stimulation, and combined with the sizeably raised clitorial nub in front of it, its appearance promises to bring users to orgasmic ecstasy. One downfall, though, is how hard it is against the bottom. While the portion touching your body is coated in a smoother, yet strong drag thermoplastic rubber (or TPR), it’s such a thin layer that all you feel is rock solidness beneath you.

Before Getting Started

Before using this toy, you’ll need four AA batteries, as well as some water-based lube. The battery compartment is on the bottom- squeeze the tabs on each side to open, pull out the white tray, and place the batteries accordingly. Then put the parts back and you’re ready to go.

Since the iRide is dual-motored, it also has separate buttons for the shaft and clitoral stimulator, both of which are located on the front. When on top, the right button controls the clitoral nub, and the left controls the insertable shaft. To turn on and off, and cycle through settings, simply press the button.


This ride-on offers one pattern, a quick steady vibe, with three intensities. Internally, I found each of them to be stimulating, powerful and well felt, especially in the tip of the shaft. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the clitoral attachment. The vibrations coming from it sounded more intense than they actually felt. While the light buzzy sensations were a nice addition, they just didn’t do much.

Material & Care

Although this toy is listed as phthalate-free, it’s important to note TPR is porous. So fully preventing bacteria growth deep within the material is hard, but the best way to clean it is with warm water and soap.

Storage may be a bit more of a challenge. At over 1 ½’ long, the iRide makes for not-so-discreet storing. Plus, the top portion of this toy is a lint magnet, so you’ll want to fully cover it- I found two large ziploc bags work well- before putting it away.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual-motored
  • Flexible shaft
  • Long clitoral attachment
  • Large mounting area


  • Made of TPR
  • Weak external vibes
  • Hard cushion
  • Easily picks up link


The iRide is a truly hands-free toy with a curved body for ideal mounting, but lacking in comfort. And while stronger internal vibrations can be felt, the clitoral ones aren’t nearly as fulfilling.

Note: This product is no longer available. Fetish Fantasy offers an affordable “ride” style toy, which you can find at Lovehoney.

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