It’s no secret that we support you having as many partners as you want here on SGP, and we hope that you keep it safe; but how do you keep track of who is who and who likes what? Well, have no fear. It’s easy if you use this guide for sleeping with multiple people – complete with tips for keeping your love organized when your memory starts to fail you. First and foremost, it’s essential that you’re aware that this can be a dangerous game to play since you’re obviously fabulous and someone is bound to fall in love with you. Don’t get discouraged, though. This sexy balancing act can be done, and I’m about to give you all the tools.

1. Communication

  • Be open and honest with your hookups. That doesn’t mean tell each partner that you are currently sleeping with (insert number here) of other people since humans’ ego’s are sensitive. It means do NOT give them any false ideas that they are your one and only. This can be achieved by subtle but honest comments. For example: Hookup “What are you doing Friday?” You: “I have a date, sorry. I should be free next week though! What did you have in mind?” – This is subtle and honest and you are changing the subject back to them; very important since they are going to be a little put off.
  • The follow up: If you use the approach above make sure you follow up with them. You don’t want them thinking that this “date” (it sounds nicer than, “sorry I’m already fucking someone else”) has replaced them. Text them the next day or even two days after and inquire about your future plans. If they ask about your “date” tell them something generic and not detailed.

2. Keep it Personal

When you’re with them, DO NOT talk about previous romantic or sexual partners. It doesn’t impress people to brag, and making people jealous is not actually attractive (unless you have that sexual dynamic, in which case, I’m a little jealous). It’s totally okay to say something like: “One time I tried (insert sex act here) and I really liked it, would you be into that?” As much as you don’t want them thinking that they’re your one and only partner you don’t want them to be thinking about that in bed. Bringing up other people in bed is very awkward and most times a turn-off. Even if they’re the worst you’ve ever had you want them to think they are the only person you’re thinking about in that hot and steamy moment so that their self confidence stays high.

3. Organization

How do you keep all the details organized? Who is totally anti-anal and who loves it? Who is amazing at going down? Who is in that Fraternity with awesome parties? These are questions I’ve tried to navigate my entire life and FINALLY I’ve come up with a couple solutions.

Solution #1: The Little Black Book

If you choose this solution I’m assuming you’re Chuck Bass. (In which case please leave your phone number in the comments).  Regardless, this is an physical book or journal in which you write details about your partners. Pro’s: You get as much space as you want, and It’s pretty cool looking Con’s: Easily found.

Solution #2: The Contact List

This solution is pretty easy. Save their number in your phone, with their name (any maybe a helpful tip about them, like “Steve Bartender”). When you save their number in your phone, you can also save some details about them in the “Notes” section.

Pro’s: Easy to do, easy to find, no extra apps needed.
Con’s: Easy to find.

(All names and information were made up for the making of this post)

Solution #3: Apps

There are apps out there that are made for just this use. My personal favorite is called “FuckList” which seems to be off the market for now but there is also an app called “Fuck Log” which is helpful too. These apps are made just for keeping track of sexual partners and have the handy dandy tool of counting your partners for you, if you proudly run out of fingers and toes! iPhone users please comment with your favorite apps!

Fuck list on the left, Fuck log on the right

4. Get it Right

Last but never least, before you scream out someone’s name in bed be 100% sure it’s right!!