The Eden’s Wavy G is a beginners toy with plenty of potential. It’s small toy with a vibration level perfect for anyone who’s new to toys, searching for their first, or prefers lighter vibrations. It you’re one of those who prefer the stronger to intense vibrations, this toy isn’t for you. But it is handy to keep on hand for couples play or super sensitive areas, and is especially fabulous if you’re looking for an inexpensive, easy toy to add to your naughty drawer.

Name: Eden’s Wavy G
Type: Vibrator
By: Eden’s Fantasy

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Intensity: 2 Devils
Vibration: 2 Cars
Noise: 4 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Travel Size, Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Inexpensive, Multi Speed, Multi Function

Perfect Size & Material

The Eden’s Wavy G sits at 5 inches long which makes it the perfect travel companion. Throw it in your suitcase or your purse for an overnight trip and none would be the wiser. Along with the size, the silicone material makes this toy very desireable for girls on the go. The Wavy G is waterproof and very easy to clean. Boiling and putting this toy in the dishwasher is a no go, but toy cleaners, wipes, and warm water & soap are perfect the get this toy ready for your next use. The toy works by push button, but it once you turn it on, the only way to turn it off is by twisting the cap almost off. The silicone is also hypoallergenic as well as latex free, both of which were one of my favorite parts of this toy.

The Motion of the Ocean

The Eden’s Wavy G has ten different vibrations and patterns for your pleasure. They are:

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low
  4. Quick Pulses
  5. Slower Pulses (Almost like a running car)
  6. Stronger Quick Pulses
  7. Quickest Pulses (Sounds like a Motorcycle)
  8. Slow, Smooth Pulsing
  9. Long, Continuous Pulses
  10. Weak Pulses (Feels like there is nothing there)

I wasn’t able to use just this toy to push myself over the edge towards orgasm heaven, but combined with another toy it worked. The pulses really are almost too quick and buzzy for external stimulation, so would be best for a beginner or someone who prefers lighter vibes. 

Pros & Cons


  • Travel size
  • Waterproof
  • Several vibration functions


  • Vibrations too light for most except beginners


For a beginner or someone who is super sensitive, this toy is perfect, especially because it’s inexpensive. Otherwise, I would look elsewhere. If you have another toy to combine it with, like I did, this toy would be great. I also found that it was good when used between a couple during foreplay in my super sensitive areas. It’s biggest attraction would be size and design, which make it very discreet, perfect for travel, and perfect for girls on the go.


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