One of my absolutely favorite retailers, Lovehoney, recently launched their lingerie line – and it’s absolutely lovely! The line features a variety of panties, body stockings, stockings, and more – in gorgeous designs that feature mesh, satin, and lace. The collection is gorgeous and incredibly luxurious, and I’m thrilled to try it and share it with you! I got to try the Lovehoney Crotchless Cutout Lace Back Panty, a tempting and teasing crotchless panty with a soft lace back and silky satin front. The sheer, floral lace has a gorgeous design and texture, while the opaque front was perfect for creating mystery, before revealing the open surprise below. It’s just lovely in every way!

Unfortunately, the sizing is quite a bit off on these panties. As the size chart is described on the site, I should fit perfectly within the small/medium category – but the small/medium is way too tiny for me. It technically fits, but is way too tight. The larger size would be much more flattering. This seems to be a common problem based on the reviews for this panty – so if you’re going to order it, definitely get a size up!

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Name: Lovehoney Crotchless Cutout Lace Back Panty
Type: Lingerie, Panties
Designer: Lovehoney
Store: Lovehoney

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils

Material: Nylon, Elastane, Lace
Qualities: Simple, Bows, Tight, Elegant, High Quality, Naughty

Daring yet Classy Design

The smooth, soft material of this gorgeous little panty is designed to cling to your curves and flatter your figure. The microfiber front is comfortable and simple, while the lace floral back is stunningly sexy. It gives a delicious peek of your bottom for ultimate seduction, yet is complimented by a ruffled hem, feminine details, and a pink satin bow at the front. The entire look is incredibly feminine and classy. Underneath, hides a crotchless gusset with a comfortable hem, and lace and microfiber seam. The entire look is classic and chic. All of the materials are soft, smooth, silky, and entirely comfortable. Overall, it feels very well-made and durable.  It feels gorgeous against your skin, and is an instant turn on! The design would be flattering to anyone who enjoys a small bikini-style panty, with less coverage on the back. Just be sure to order a size up… as described below!

The crotchless portion is barely visible from the front or back of the panty (though this may be due to the small fit on me). The crotchless area falls directly between your legs, so it can definitely stay as a sexy surprise until you’re ready for play. Unfortunately, this also means that the area may be too small for play. For me, my clitoris is not exposed, and I have to pull the panty up or entirely to the side to access my favorite area. But, you could easily have penetrative sex without taking your panties off, which is a total win. You may have to move the panty again though if you’re going for anal sex.

Small Sizing

As I mentioned, the sizing of this panty is a bit off. I am a US dress size 6-8, with a 37 inch hip at the moment. That puts me perfectly within the Small/Medium size on site. But, as soon as I got the panty and held it up to me, I could tell the fit was all wrong. It’s not at all true to my size! In a fit of insecurity, I re-measured myself to make sure I hadn’t gained weight… but, alas, my measurements were exactly as they should be. This panty just runs a size or two too small.

They dig in around my hips, giving me a total muffin top that is entirely unavoidable. This never happens to me with a properly fitted panty that matches my size. It isn’t uncomfortable, because the material is soft and smooth and very stretchy – but it’s definitely not a fit that makes me feel sexy. As the reviewers on site are having the same issue, it seems widespread. It would be great to have a change made in the size chart for the future!

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality, comfortable materials
  • Chic and feminine design
  • Comes in various sizes


  • Sizing runs small. Order a size up!


Even though the sizing wasn’t right for me with this panty, Lovehoney hit the mark perfectly for a gorgeous and incredibly luxurious design – with high-quality materials, textures, and a tempting, teasing aesthetic. Had it fit correctly, the soft lace back and silky satin front would have perfectly flattered my figure. The sheer, floral lace creates a feminine mystery, and the crotchless bottom is really comfortable and well-made. I was very surprised at the quality of all the materials! I’d absolutely recommend this panty – as long as you get a size up!