You’re standing at a table in your bar while telling your friends about the amazing time you had last weekend with the dude you had met in the same spot. All of a sudden someone taps you on the shoulder and asks if the Danny you’re talking about is the same kid that has a wall full of black light posters in his bedroom. When you confirm that it is the same one, she sizes you up, puts a smile on her face, and sticks out her hand. You just met your Eskimo Sister; buy her a drink.

An Eskimo Sister is any female that has had a similar encounter with the same penis you have. It is a bond that cannot be broken, and can often be misunderstood; it is a serious life long relationship that can be the start of a beautiful friendship. When you call someone your Sister it comes out of a place that is all positive, never with jealousy or malice. Your sisterhood is growing constantly, and most of the time you will never know that you’ve even interacted with one, you must embrace as many as you can and laugh about your shared lack of inhibition.

When You Love Them…

Getting along with your sisters is fantastic. You see the benefits of the ties now weaved and will bond over similar tastes in men and more. In a college atmosphere it is easy to find a new sister. This could happen while discussing past hookups with a new friend or while talking to a girl at a party and you start put together that she has had the same fuck buddy as you. When in such a small community and pool of girls and guys it’s going to happen more than once. A one time stranger, bound to you for life by chance, is an opportunity for you to find a new bestie thanks to the choices of a once fling. You’ll notice that you like her clothes, her hair and choice of make up. She’s fun to be around and you think you could see yourself hanging out with her without a beer bong in your hand.

…When You Can’t

When there is a riff in the relationship between one sister and another, regardless of which side it’s on, it can lead to some awkward moments. In Greek life, people tend to bed hop in an even smaller pond. Most of the time it will happen when an ex-girlfriend is involved; jealousy runs high while you’re supposed to love each other, finding difficulties when someone can’t let go of the past is an easy way to make enemies. Just like with biological sisters, Eskimo Sisters can go through phases of absolutely hating each other; blaming the other for all her problems in life and not wanting to hear anything about it from anyone. It’s a hard time and can take some time before walls will come down, if at all. Try not to rub anything in her face, or if you’re the scorned one, just don’t pay her any mind, it’s the way of the world and there’s not much you can do. Unless she’s actually a bitch and combing through your leftovers, in that case feel free to hate her openly.

New Besties

If you’re sister was a stranger only a few minutes before, sharing a drink with her is a great way to break the ice and dish about each of your conquests with the guy that looked like the dealer from Breaking Bad. “Did he talk way too much?” “Yes! All I wanted to do was stick a gag ball in his mouth.” “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, he had some pretty hot moves with that tongue.” You can sigh with relief that he had two different sets of sheets on his bed and laugh over the ways you came to the decision to go home with him. They say situations are only awkward if you make them awkward, and this is a position that is easily tipped the wrong way. Keeping it light is a good way to avoid anything from getting too weird. Since what got her in bed was the same as what got you there you won’t need to try too hard.

At The End Of The Day

Always keep your eyes and ears open for the possibilities for new sisters. You both clearly have good (or questionable) tastes. Embrace the building blocks to a new friendship, or add an extensive addition to the one that you already have with a sister. Eskimo Sisters should use each other to get things done, have a good time and always treasure their bonds. It’s a way to network and always have someone to take a shot with. So throw one back and love your sister.

Eskimo Sisters; friends for life.