There are numerous health benefits of masturbation, yet there is still a cultural taboo against it that is common throughout the world. Healthy masturbation habits are helpful for both the individual and their partners, and it’s a shame that there is still a culture of fear around the topic. With this guide, every grown-ass women should learn about the truths behind the most common misconceptions!

Myth 1: It’s Addictive

Masturbation is no more addictive than eating, drinking water, or breathing air. Sex is an important aspect of life, and masturbation is just one of its many flavors. However, as with anything, there are those who feel a compulsion towards masturbation and sex which can be highly detrimental. Scientific literature still ponders over whether or not this is an addiction or strictly a compulsion, but it remains a problem nonetheless.

If you find that you are late to work, avoiding responsibilities, or are losing control of your life over compulsive masturbation, then it may be time to speak to a therapist. However, masturbation is not inherently addictive. Masturbation falls into the same rank as many of life’s pleasures, from food to movies, in that it should be enjoyed responsibly for the best results.

Myth 2: It is Selfish

Masturbation actually is selfish, and that’s not a bad thing at all! It’s important to take care of yourself from time to time, and this can be done by watching your favorite show, going for a hike, or by pampering yourself at the spa. Of course, masturbation is one of the cheapest forms of pleasure available, but that doesn’t make it wrong. As long as you don’t let masturbation interfere with your job, social life, or relationships, then you have no reason to feel guilty for giving yourself a much-needed reward once in a while.

Myth 3: It Causes X

Throughout the years, masturbation has been claimed to have caused hair loss, blindness, and death. If this were true, wouldn’t most of the world be hairless, blind, and extinct? In truth, the only thing that masturbation causes are mind-blowing orgasms!!

Myth 4: It Prevents Relationships

Masturbation is a fantastic relationship aid! As mentioned before, sex drives are often different from person to person, and this can even change drastically throughout the day. With masturbation, one partner doesn’t have to begrudgingly fulfill the other just to make them feel good. Also, masturbation has never been shown to inhibit dating. If it did, then it’s likely that no one would date at all! Since this is not the case, masturbation cannot in good faith be called a relationship destroyer.

Myth 5: It’s Dangerous

Masturbation, like anything, can be dangerous if done recklessly or carelessly. During female masturbation, one should never force an object inside of themselves, and men should generally loosen their grip to avoid friction. However, taken on its own, masturbation is no more dangerous than shaking hands!

Numerous studies have shown that daily orgasms throughout a man’s life, such as with toys from, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and other afflictions. For both men and women, orgasm can reduce cholesterol, perpetuate a healthy cardiac rhythm, and even decrease the severity of depression. While sex can also do these things, masturbation is available without the need of a partner which can reduce the burden in a relationship. Of course, relationships thrive off of a healthy sexual appetite, but masturbation allows both partners to be satisfied should a person have a higher sex drive than the other.

Myth 6: It’s Antisocial

There’s an age-old belief that masturbation is antisocial. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Masturbation is important in numerous ways for development and personal satisfaction. Beyond the simplest fact that it feels good, masturbation provides a template where a person can find what pleases them best. This allows them to enter relationships knowing what they want, how to get it, and how to explain it to their partner. By being fulfilled sexually, the relationship will be much stronger as a result.

Myth 7: It Supports Pornography

Pornography is an entirely different subject from masturbation even though they may be intertwined. Whether or not you support porn is irrelevant to the merits of masturbation. One can easily masturbate without the use of pornography, and while many criticisms of porn are valid, they are up to the individual to determine for themselves. To spice things up without porn, you can always use sexy toys or strictly your imagination. By understanding these common misconceptions, you can enjoy masturbation without the added stress and guilt caused by years of misinformation!