“OUCH!” is the first word that comes to my mind when thinking about nipple clamps. Having my sensitive nipples prodded, poked, pinched, and then squeezed! It almost sounds like it’s too much to handle. But, as with all things BDSM and bondage, having the right toy can make a huge difference in walking the line between pain and pleasure. Pipedream’s Fancy Feather Nipple Clamps are a fabulous way to try out the sensation of nipple clamping without going overboard. They are totally adjustable even while you’re wearing them, and can be taken off in a moment’s notice without causing any pain of all. I also love that they are slightly weighted by delicate feathers, which are just as pleasurable as they are aesthetic. I love how they tickle and tease my breasts as I’m thrown around, and look so sexy doing it!

Note: This product is no longer available, but we’ve reviewed other feathered nippled clamps.

Name: Fancy Feather Nipple Clamps
Type: Nipple Clamps, Pain Play Toys, BDSM Toys
By: Pipedream, Fetish Fantasy

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness5 Devils
Material: Metal, Rubber w/ Latex, Feathers

Special Features: Pretty Design, Inexpensive


The stand out feature of these pretty clamps are the feathers. My particular clamps have several soft, pink feathers held together by a little metal facet. Above that is a disco-ball type bead covered with sparkly jewels. It’s absolutely luxurious to touch – and so feminine and glamorous to look at! The rubber tips at the top of the clamp are also pink to match. These particular pink clamps are a bit tough to find. You may be able to find them at your local store (many of which carry Pipedream’s products), but they were difficult to find online. The most commonly found clamp in this series is the Fetish Fantasy Feather Clamps in black. They are equally gorgeous feathers, with black details, and a special spotted feather for a touch of glam. One of my favorite online retailers, Lovehoney, has these same feather clamps in black (linked throughout). They’re only $15 from Lovehoney, but can also be found at Babeland for $18.

The clamps themselves have a fabulous, adjustable design. They are a simple, standard, clothes-pin style clamp with an adjustable stopper to control how wide or tight they are. The mechanism is simple: spin the wheel up for the clamps to get tighter, spin the wheel down to open them up. The nipple portion of the clamps are just at .5 inches long, and open up to .25 inches. At their smallest, they touch each other. AYou can also take them off with no pain in a second with the push-release at the bottom. The metal tips are covered with a rubber and latex covering, which gives it a bit of a comfortable buffer, but can be removed if you want some extra pinch. Just be aware they may rust over time. Get rid of them if they do!If you have any sensitivities to metals or latex, definitely be cautious. Similarly, it’s unclear if these clamps are phthalate-free, so I’d recommend not using them on around your vagina. Also, remember that rubber is porous, so these rubber tips cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Especially keep this in mind if you’re sharing the clamps between partners – particularly those with nipple piercings!


If it weren’t for the really gorgeous design, I would probably not like these clamps nearly as much. They are generally well-made and don’t fall apart with a few times of wear, but they could definitely higher quality. It seems like not all the pieces line up quite right, and sometimes get stuck on each other. One of my clamp adjusters is sticky and hard to move, so I can’t loosen it all the way. If I want a very dangly, light sensation, it just isn’t going to happen. It’s stuck about halfway, giving me more “ouch” than I prefer. I imagine that not all clamps have this issue – but if you do get a clamp that sticks like that, you’re stuck with it. (Honestly, not a big deal to me because they’re only $15 – but I would prefer something that definitely adjusts as intended.) Similarly, the O ring that holds the feather details to the clamps tends to get stuck and not move around, but can be dislodged so that the feathers can move more freely. If you’re a bit rough with them, the feathers can fall off. Store them with care to prevent any of your sticky toys pulling off the feathers, getting them crushed, or getting stained by lube.

Pros & Cons


  • Cute design
  • Easy to use


  • Not very high quality; clamps may get stuck or be unable to pass a certain point
  • Rubber material on tips is not body safe and cannot be cleaned
  • Rusts easily


Despite my issue with the adjustment bar not quite working, I still really love these nipple clamps. They are really gorgeous, soft, and feel luxurious against my skin – and the strength of the clamp leaves me with a very satisfying, yet comfortably covered, pinch. It’s not a sharp pinch like harsh metal clamps, but rather, a pressure that builds over time. As you move and squirm, the feathers on the clamps gently brush against your skin, and lightly pull on your nipples. The sensation is absolutely divine! If you’re looking for your first set of nipple clamps, or simply would like a pair that’s a bit more glamorous, I’d highly recommend these delightful clamps!

Note: This product is no longer available, but we’ve reviewed other feathered nippled clamps.


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