The bedroom can be a playground for pleasurable experiences, and bondage, whether light or extreme, can make it that much more interesting. It can offer such an enjoyable rush, for both the partner being bound and the one in control- which is exactly what the Fantasy Bed Restraint System does.

This system works with any mattress, adjusting and fitting snugly, and features an attachable ball gag and metal cuffs. Its ‘all black with silver accents’ coloring adds to the deviant provocativeness associated with that of dominance and submission.

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can get an under the bed restraint system from Lovehoney.

Getting Started

Setting up the Fantasy Bed Restraint System is very easy and requires little time. First, you’ll need to detach one side of the long, nylon strap from its double D-ring so it can be fed under your mattress. Place the part with Velcro on top of the mattress, facing up, and push the loose end from one side between the mattress and box spring through to the other side. Then, pulling it tight, re-secure the piece with the D-ring.  Now you’re ready to indulge in some kinky play!

Like the main strap, the ball gag and cuffs can be adjusted to fit the to-be-bound partner. The ball gag is hard to the touch with a small amount of squish, and lightweight, but not small in size. It’ll definitely give the submissive’s jaw a workout when trying to get it in, but rests somewhat comfortably (as much as it should be) behind the teeth. While a pair of keys is included for the cuffs, easy-to-release levers offer an even quicker release. But if, like me, you prefer the cozy nature of furry cuffs, these metal ones take a little getting use to.  

Many Possibilities

The adjustable D-rings and Velcro straps make it able to be used in multiple ways- and with different positions. Rather than attaching the main strap to your mattress, you can place it around your headboard for more options. And the ball gag and cuffs can be used alone or together to meet the level of bondage play you desire.

As with many products in the Fetish Fantasy line, Pipedream includes a complimentary eye mask which particularly comes in handy with this restraint system, adding another element of mysterious excitement.

Cleaning & Care

Similar to many other restraint systems, the Fantasy Bed Restraint System is very easy to care for. The ball gag is made of phthalate-free PVC, so it’s good to wipe it down with warm water and mild soap. This next step isn’t absolutely necessary, but just to be precautious I also wiped the cuffs down with an antibacterial wipe.

After each use, you can remove all the pieces and place them somewhere within reach for next time. Or, what I opted to do is just remove the attachable Velcro pieces and leave the strap on my bed. Because of the location I set my system up, under where my pillows usually lay, I don’t even notice it while I’m sleeping, and it’s ready-to-go whenever I need it.


The Fantasy Bed Restraint System is easy to install with strong, detachable Velcro strips that can be placed about to your choosing. A ball gag and cuffs only add to the excitement of a little BDSM role-play. It’s something I’d absolutely recommend, and an item I’ll be using for many more erotic meetings in my room.

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