Tyes By Tara is a unique company that designs an array of beautifully handmade intimate jewelry and body adornments. Inspired by menswear accessories, Tara set out to create everyday pieces for women- and created a line that perfectly combines erotic desires and the delicate nature associated with femininity. There are a range of products, from bowtyes to heeltyes to bodtyes, many with the versatility to be worn out in public or kept secret behind closed doors.

I instantly fell in love with all the designs the moment I saw them, so when I had the opportunity to try the Kinkette Bodtye I was radiating with excitement. This playful, and undeniably seductive, collar and leash set is the perfect piece for introducing light bondage play into the bedroom..and even outside of it. It’s comfortable against the skin, durable, and even has a glitzy pattern that decorates the neck and wrist in a pretty way.

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Name: Kinkette Collar and Leash
Type: BDSM Toys, Lingerie, Accessories, Collar and Leash Set
Designer: Tyes By Tara

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils

Materials: Elastic, Lead- and Nickel-Free Metal
Qualities: Comfortable, Great For Beginners, Travel Friendly

Enticingly Playful Design

The Kinkette Bodtye is made up of a midnight black, glitter elastic collar and wrist strap that are connected by a chain of small linking circles. On one side, the elastic is soft and smooth against the skin, and on the exposed side has a rougher texture. It’s the perfect material as elastic is very stretchy, meaning this piece will fit a range of women with different neck sizes. The collar clasps at the back, with a small dangling chain that features a clear bow at the bottom. And at the front is a cute, alluring bow that rests neatly against your throat.

Size & Storage

At a little over 2 ½ feet, the black lead-free chain, which serves as a leash, is the ideal length- it’s long enough for some leeway, but only as much as your partner is willing to allow. Even more, it’s attached to the front of the collar by a lobster clasp that can easily be undone, giving you the option to wear the collar alone as a simple choker.

This piece comes in medium-sized box with a plastic top, which makes for a great storage option. Although I would recommend taking out the neat pillow of cotton fluff that it rests on, as the elastic does tend to pick up a few fuzzies from it.

Ideal Level of Restriction

The collar fit comfortably around my neck, allowing me to move it freely with only slight restriction. It’s so stretchy that when the leash was pulled, it didn’t choke me, but rather stretched and guided. Offering the perfect level of constraint, this leash and collar set was not too tight, but tight enough so that I could give up a certain amount of control to my partner.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • High quality, non-irritating materials
  • Beautiful, playful design


  • None!

Great for Bondage Play & Intimate Wear

The Kinkette Bodtye has quickly became one of my favorite pieces of intimate wear. This piece is entirely handmade from high quality elastic and metal, making it strong and able to fit women of all sizes. Attached clasps make it easy to put on and take off, and even gives you the versatility to wear the collar alone as a provocative accessory. With such a comfortable and seductively playful design, this collar and leash set is sinfully sweet, and perfect for introducing light bondage play into any sensuous encounter.

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