By now, I’m sure you all know I’m into some pretty kinky stuff. I also really like getting it from behind. That’s why when I saw the Giddy-Up Harness from Pipedream, I thought, “Yes, please!” This sex position aid is easy to use, surprisingly comfortable, and makes sex in your favorite positions that much better (especially doggy style). Want to get some more UMPH in your thrust? Definitely give this toy a try!

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Name: Giddy-Up Harness
Type: Sex Position Aid
By: Fetish Fantasy

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Intensity: 3 Devils 

Material: Nylon, Polyester

Design & Material

Fetish Fantasy’s Giddy-Up Harness is made of high quality black nylon/polyester straps, with extra padding for the neck and shoulders. It is 9 inches long when stretched out, with a 1 inch wide strap, 4 feet 3 inches for the padded portion, and 2 feet 4 inches for the round length of the handles. The fabric is comfortable on the skin and doesn’t pull or irritate when in use. The rope material feels just fine on my partner’s hands, too. He also really enjoyed just holding on with one hand so he could use his free hand to smack me. 😉 It comes with a free satin love mask and is super durable. No worries in this falling apart anytime soon!

The harness is not adjustable and unfortunately. We had trouble at first figuring out how to put it on as there are no instructions, except for what you see on the box. What we figured out was the padded portion wraps around your shoulders. The rope portion wraps underneath the padded part to make firm taut reins for the top partner to use.

How it Works

The harness is best used for any doggie style variation, as it gives your partner more control over your movement and allows for deeper penetration. It’s best used by your partner by holding onto the handles and making the harness taut (as in creating resistance). As your partner holds on, it’s easier for him to thrust in even deeper, allowing for more penetration for both you and him.

It could definitely be used for any rear entry position and in any place one would do a rear entry position. However, there’s a lot of force in it and the controlling partner has to be careful that they’re not pulling too hard when a the sub is in a less secure position (i.e. their hands are slipping on the wall as they’re being taken from behind).

If you’re into rear entry positions like doggie style (my fave), then this can definitely add the next level of play. It’s definitely a great toy if you want maximum penetration and are feeling a bit naughty (and totally trusting of your partner). Since there is no instruction manual, I would start using it on my knees on the bed with your partner and using it slowly. See how it feels before moving onto advanced positions.

My Experience

I enjoyed using this harness. Not only do I get to be fucked from behind, but I also got that really deep penetration I enjoy so much. I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the harness at all and definitely wouldn’t say anything about there being any rubbing or pulling or circulation loss! My man enjoyed it as well, saying, “It’s a fun toy to use when you want to play out kinky punishment fantasies!”

You don’t have to readjust and honestly, I had less control over that then my partner did. However, he made sure to put it on in such a way so to ensure no pinching or pulling. It’s one of those toys that the ‘submissive’ or ‘bottom’ partner has to completely relinquish control to the ‘top’ or ‘dominant’ partner. While I didn’t experience pinching or pulling, I suppose that if one were to loosen the grip on the reins, thus causing the harness to loosen and then tighten it up again quickly that it COULD pinch or pull. In that case, pay attention to how you feel and make sure you have a safe word in place for if it is hurting you.


Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Makes thrusting easier


  • Might not be right for all preferences


I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to get a bit kinky here and there. Particularly if you enjoy being taken doggy style, this is a super fun toy that allows you to give all control to your partner. It’s great for just letting go and being fucked hard! Plus, it’s easy to use, easy to store, and pretty comfortable!

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