What’s there not to love about a novelty toy? Usually, a lot. While a novelty toy can be cute or funny, from my findings, they usually lack power. But, Bijoux Indiscrets has done an absolutely amazing job with their fabulous, totally unique novelty toy – the Twenty One Vibrating Diamond. Adorable and playful, this vibe, which fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, is so much more than a silly novelty – it’s a quality vibrator! And for the quality price, that’s exactly what I would expect! This little beauty is made to please, and it certainly did not disappoint.

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Name: Twenty One Vibrating Diamond
Type: Vibrators, Clitoral, Discreet
By: Bijoux Indiscrets

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Plastic
Special Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Buzzy Vibrations, Waterproof, Cute Design, Quiet, Rechargeable, USB

Luxurious Design

The adorable diamond design immediately drew me to this vibrator. While the price hinted that it was probably much more than a beginner’s toy, I assumed wrongly that anything so adorable absolutely had to be a novelty that wouldn’t get me off. But this little diamond was just too adorable to pass up! Plated in gold, light in weight, and fitting perfectly in the palm of my hand, there’s no way any girl who loves a taste of luxury can pass this toy by.

The packaging is likewise adorable. Twenty One comes in a small box reminiscent of something you might get a necklace in. It’s accompanied by a small vinyl bag, making the perfect discreet toy to travel with. Furthermore, the vibrating diamond is completely waterproof, with no obvious gaps in structure that make me nervous about fully submerging it.


What I love most about Twenty One Vibrating Diamond is that it’s so much more than a traditional clitoral vibrator. The shape of it makes it perfect for various types of external stimulation. The tip of the diamond is perfect for buzzing on your clit or inserting slightly into the opening of the vagina. The flat top and ridged, broad sides are great for vulva stimulation. While still relatively small, this toy is absolutely fabulous, at least for my anatomy. I especially love it when it comes to massaging the entire outer part of my lady bits.

Surprising Power

A small power button that glows red when turned on or charging is inlaid towards the top of the diamond. To turn the toy on, simply press it, and do the same to switch between modes. In order to power down the toy, press and hold the button for three seconds. The only flaw I really found with this toy is that you really need to press the power button hard with the flat of your thumb, making switching between modes in the heat of the moment a bit difficult. Twenty One comes with various vibration levels and modes, as follows:

  1. A steady, mid-level vibe
  2. A stronger steady vibe
  3. The strongest even vibration
  4. Pulses
  5. Four quick pulses followed by a longer one
  6. Waves (low to high to low)
  7. Half wave, with five half waves growing in intensity
  8. Long pulses followed by short pulses
  9. A low, steady vibration followed by strong, long pulses
  10. A reverse half wave, starting very high and ending very low

While none of the modes were too intense for me, I was expecting to really only “get along” with one or two of them. However, the lowest vibrations are still mid-level, then grow in intensity into mid-level or strong, buzzy vibes. While I definitely think a beginner would enjoy this toy – it’s too darn cute not to, and it has a variety of nice speeds and patterns – more experienced users looking for an external toy will definitely be happy as well, as it’s strong enough to satisfy.

When it comes to charging this toy, the feel of quality only continues. There are no obvious battery compartments distracting from the aesthetics. Simply twist off the top of the diamond to recharge the toy. A USB comes with Twenty One, which can be plugged in to any USB port, be it your computer or wall charger.

(Pleasantly) Deceiving Name

Bijoux Indiscrets is French for “Indiscreet Jewels,” which definitely made me worry this toy would be a little loud or something along those lines. However, even the strongest vibrations levels are still relatively quiet – definitely nothing that could be heard outside of the bedroom. And the design is anything but indiscreet. While I’m unsure what else I would have that’s shaped like a diamond and chargeable, I don’t feel weird or uncomfortable leaving it in my room to charge when I head off to work.

Pros & Cons


  • Luxurious, fun design
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Discreet
  • Good for beginners and more experienced users


  • Control button is a little fussy


For the price and the quality, this toy is 100% what I would expect. It is a quality vibrator with strong vibrations sure to please nearly anyone. I was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was. The vibrations levels are way more than I had anticipated, the versatility of the design is amazing, and the cute, luxurious style just adds to the pleasure. In my opinion, this vibrating diamond is a girl’s (or anyone with a clit’s) best friend!

Get it at Bijoux Indescrets for $60.


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