The Ocean by Fun Factory is the perfect vibrator for anyone who likes mid-level vibrations and wants a whimsical, simple, yet pretty toy. It has a wide variety of vibrations and patterns, making it a fantastic fit for many women. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and is made of adorable pink and squishy silicone. If you’re a beginner looking for your first toy, or want to try a rabbit style vibrator without spending a fortune, the Ocean would be a great choice for you.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 Instead.

Name: Ocean
Type: Vibrators, Rabbits
By: Fun Factory

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Several Speeds, Multi Function, Curved, Waterproof, Quiet, Battery

Size & Design

The mini size of the Ocean is great for a beginner, as it’s petite and un-intimidating. It’s easy to insert and use comfortably, and is small and discrete enough for travel. I am a sucker for anything pink and girly, so I loved the look of the Ocean. There is a “swirl” at the tip which looks pretty, but is also great for G-spot stimulation. The other swirl at the top is great for clitoral stimulation, and when you use the toy internally, it becomes a rabbit-style vibrator. The size, style, and design of this toy makes it a very comfortable fit, and it does not feel painful or awkward at all. If you are new to g-spot stimulation, you can easily move this toy to find your pleasure center. The curve did hit my G-spot at first, but with some adjusting and moving my position, it hit my G-spot perfectly.

Feel & Materials

I really loved the feel and the material of this toy. It is made of silicone, which is incredibly body safe, pleasurable, and easy to clean. The silicone is squishy, silky smooth, soft, and really conformed and responded to my every move. It is very smooth and with a bit of lube, it slides right in to your favorite sweet spots. Use a water based lubricant, as oils and silicone lube can wear down the material. It is a lint magnet, but it’s very easy to clean. It may be a bit tricky sometimes because of the swirls, but you can easily do so with soap and water because the toy is waterproof. This version of the Ocean takes AAA batteries, but updated versions of the toy are rechargeable. Currently, only the updated versions are available.

Vibration & Power

The ocean has lots of vibration speeds and varieties. I believe there are 8 different intensities and patterns of vibrations, ranging from a light buzz to a mid-level rumble. They are mid-level vibrations that would be very intense for someone new to toys. The middle 5 or 6 settings would be very pleasurable to most people, though those who crave very strong power would have to look elsewhere. I think it is overall, a good vibrator and really is “well rounded” fit for many women due to the combination of lower and higher vibrations as well as many patterns and rhythms. The vibration can be a bit noisy especially on the higher settings. It cannot be heard through the doors, but can be heard under the covers on the higher settings. The vibration patterns are:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Low to high
  5. High to low
  6. Quick pulses (low)
  7. Quick pulses (high)
  8. Longer pulses (increasing in intensity)

Technical Issues

I have had a few issues with my Ocean, though nothing a little creativeness and patience couldn’t solve. Note that this is the old version of the Ocean – the new version is rechargeable, updated, and will not have these issues. The main issue I had was with the battery chamber. It will only work properly if the chamber is closed properly and completely, but the chamber was tricky. I also had some issues with the Ocean “shorting out” and stopping mid vibration. If this happens, it is best to hold down the negative button for 30 seconds then continue to press the positive button.  This caused “bursts” of short vibration at first, and the Ocean quickly began working again. These issues will not happen in updated versions of the Ocean.

Pros and Cons


  • Great design
  • Nice variety of vibrations
  • High quality silicone
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Vibrations could be too weak for some


The Ocean is a really nice vibrator, and for me, it was all about creativity and finding what worked best for my body. If you experiment with different positions, angles, and pressures, you will likely find a combination that works for you. It is a great size and design, made of safe and easy to clean silicone, and really does deliver versatile patterns and intensity of vibrations. Despite it’s minor issues, I would absolutely recommend it!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 Instead.


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