When I first saw the Fun Factory Volta, I knew I had to try it. This toy looked so versatile, and it proved me right! Made from body-safe, waterproof silicone, the unique design of this toy promises that anyone can enjoy it. The user-manual is among one of the most in-depth and user-friendly I have ever read from a toy. I’ve always loved German cars for their smoothness, power, and flawless design. Now I’m adding German sex toys to that same list!

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Name: Volta
Type: Vibrator
By: Fun Factory

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Stars: 5 Stars
Devils: 3 Devils
Cars: 5 Cars
Bees: 4 Bees

Special features: Rechargeable, Waterproof, Unique design



First Impressions

The Fun Factory Volta isn’t shaped like most sex toys I’m used to. It sort of resembles a tulip, with a thick, two inch shaft, that ends in two petal-like tips. The toy is about 7.5 inches long, but you probably won’t use it for insertion. (I suppose you could, but intended use is for stimulation the clit, labia, nipples, or penis. This toy is versatile.) The base is easy to hold and ergonomic, with a look to place your fingers or thumb through to really grip this toy during use. My Volta is a gorgeous hot pink, but the toy also comes in orange and blue.



I love the silicone material. It’s body safe, feels great against the skin, and is easy to use. However, this particular matte silicone is a dust magnet. I live at home, so I usually ferret my toys under my bed while charging them since my parents love to walk into my room without knocking. I absolutely cannot do that with this toy, or I’ll have to take extra long thoroughly cleaning it after to remove it of dog hair and dust bunnies.




To use this toy, you may want to charge it first. I’m always too eager to try a new toy to wait for it to fully charge, and mine, I later realized, came about a third of the way charged – perfect for one use before plugging it in. Still, it takes about four to eight hours to fully charge this toy, the maximum of which it should be left on the charger at eight hours. Afterwards, it’s good for 45 minutes straight of play, and when left alone in your drawer lasts three months before needed a recharge. So make sure to charge it up if you’re ready for an extended play session! The charger is magnetic and plugs into a USB. Bonus: The included guide goes into full detail of what all the blinking lights mean during charging. This toy lets you know when it’s almost dead, , when it’s halfway charged, and when it’s fully charged!

The buttons are pretty self-explanatory. You have the Fun Factory logo button at the bottom, then a plus, then a minus. First, this toy has a travel lock! Mine came on lock. Unlock it by pressing + and Fun together for half a second, then lock it back up by pressing – and Fun.



To start playing with the vibrations, click the Fun button and hold it for half a second. (The toy is turned off the same way.) Then, use the + and – buttons to toggle through the different modes and intensities. The included user manual provides the full directions for how to toggle through these various modes, but they area s follows:

  1. Lightest vibrations
  2. Light vibrations
  3. Mid-level vibrations (where this toy starts when you turn it on)
  4. Strong vibrations
  5. Stronger vibrations
  6. Strongest vibrations
  7. Waves
  8. Faster waves
  9. Fastest waves
  10. Heartbeat-like pattern
  11. More of a jolt-like pattern
  12. A faster jolt-like pattern

I really think perusing the user manual will give you the best idea of how to switch between these modes and understand them.




Now for the fun part, the use! This toy is so versatile. For me, I used it to imitate oral sex better than any suction toy I’ve tried ever has. The vibrations affect the two petals at the tip of the toy, causing them to move back and forth. This was the first time ever I used a vibrator on a mid-level setting! I’m always a power queen! Not so here. At the mid-level setting, I found this toy to feel like a tongue moving against the clit, with a softer feel from the wider “base” of the petals and a harsher lash from the tips. It felt so amazing and realistic, and I absolutely loved the feeling! I honestly felt like the higher level vibrations were too powerful for me, which I think means that even those who only come from Hitachi-level vibrations will enjoy this toy.



You can also use the petals to stimulate your labia. The Volta can be used as a sort of rabbit, with one tip placed on the clit and the other at the entrance of the vagina. (This is a great way to achieve vaginal orgasm!) Try using it to stimulate your nipples or your partner’s. Finally, if you or your partner has a penis, place the tips around the penis for an added effect during foreplay or oral.

Because this toy is made from silicone, when using lube, choose a water-based lubricant. Silicone lubricants can degrade the material.



Care and Cleaning

Again, this toy is a DUST MAGNET. Unfortunately, my toy did not come with a bag, which meant I immediately had to seek out storage for it that would not pick up lint. I have a toy storage box, but if you don’t, I would recommend finding a silky bag to keep this toy in.

To clean, wash with soap and warm water. The Volta is waterproof, so feel free to dunk it in the water to really get into those nooks and crannies, of which there are some on this toy. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner to wipe this toy down. Then pat it dry or let it air dry.


Pros & Cons


  • Versatlie
  • Powerful


  • Dust magnet




I am obsessed. The Fun Factory Volta is so unique. It has become my favorite toy for solo sex, and I can see myself using this with a partner in the future because it’s so freakin’ versatile. I highly recommend this vibrator and believe that it’s worth every penny. Body-safe, waterproof, and powerful – what more could I want?

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