If you’re like me, you’re in the agonizing position of being in a long distance relationship. The only things worse are getting less than 11 likes on your Instagram pic, chipped nail polish, and wearing regular underwear with yoga pants! All jokes aside though, long distance is tough work and it takes commitment and a special bond to make it last. If any of you ladies are looking for advice, glance over these helpful tips for strengthening and maintaining your relationship!

1. Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

The highlight of my freshman year at college was checking my mailbox for surprise gifts from my wonderful man. Whether it was a monthiversary gift or Valentine’s Day roses, my heart soared knowing that he was thinking about me. You can do the same for your partner. It doesn’t have to be a gift, even a heartfelt letter can make the difference between you or your boyf having a good day versus a great day! It shows that you care deeply about his happiness and that you can still surprise him and show him love no matter how far apart you are.

It’s always the little things that count, and I guarantee a present in the mail leads to a reward, which is the perfect segway into….

2. Phone Sex

Now you don’t need to be in a long distance relationship to engage in this raunchy act, but it sure is better when it’s the only pleasure you’re getting (from a partner, of course – we’ve got plenty of sex toy options to satisfy your needs). It’s sexy thinking about your loved one, and him getting turned on by your voice and the thought of you. But, it’s also sexy because you can do, be, or say anything you want! The better your imagination, the better the call. I generally like to make him take the lead because hearing his intentions gets me more excited than listening to Justin Bieber… but how you do phone sex is completely up to you. If you’re new and need some tips, you can find some helpful ones here.  The intimacy and pleasure that you get from this act will be sure to help your relationship thrive. Plus, you get a chance to explore a verbal side of your sexuality, which can really help when you’re finally…

3. Reunited at Last

This is what makes it all worth it, the moment that you finally see him again. There’s nothing like it – your heart starts beating faster in anticipation, you start to smile really wide, and you may even cry depending on how long it’s been. It is always worth the wait, and it leads to some great “I’ve missed you” sex! The best feeling for me would definitely be to just have him hold me in his arms. In a world full of scum bags, knowing that there’s one genuine guy out there who loves you is the ultimate sense of happiness. Now that you’re together, make the most out of your time and have fun! Whether that means staying in bed together all day or going out and trying something new. The important thing is to cherish every moment you have together until he leaves and you’re back to…

4. Virtual Dating

Of course, there’s nothing better than seeing your partner in real time, but the next best thing is video chatting whenever you can. Our technological age provides us with Skype, FaceTime, and so many other ways to keep in touch with our loved ones. The upside to this is that not only can you talk to each other, but you can see each other too, which can spice things up! Surprise your boo with a cute little outfit or maybe nothing at all to make him excited to see you. If not, it’s always nice to have a lazy night in your PJs while talking to him so you can simply enjoy each other’s company – after all, he loves you no matter what you’re wearing. It’s also fun to have cute dates over the camera, dressing up and eating with each other to know that you can do what other couples can do too. Whenever you feel lonely, just open up the laptop and be grateful you can see his face on the screen! Falling asleep seeing the love of my life right next to me can be a huge tease, but hearing his cute snore is the best noise I could ask for.

5. Don’t Give Up!

As time goes on, the distance will get harder and harder, so it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. If he’s that important to you, all of these tips will hopefully make it a bit easier to keep the flame burning bright. When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, just remember that he’s making an effort just like you are. This doesn’t work without love and trust in each other. Put up pictures of him in places you’ll see every day, hang up the letters he’s sent you, treasure the gifts he gives you, and think about the next time you’re going to see him. The time in your life when you get to spend every day together will make up for all the lost time.