When it comes to that time of the month, I always find myself digging out my rattiest underwear. I’m talking panties that I’ve owned since 2006. Obviously, wearing undies with holes in them does absolutely nothing for my self-esteem, and adding new stains to them just makes it even worse. Enter period panties by Harebrained. With fun designs, silly slogans, a comfy fit, and stain-proof material, they’re the perfect special panties for your period.

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The Message

Harebrained panties were designed by a man so that his girlfriend felt a little more comfortable when she was on her period. Instead of announcing “not tonight” her underwear could now do it for her. While I didn’t share my underwear choice this cycle with my current partner, my roommate (read: mother) saw me walking to the bathroom in the morning and thought the characters and designs were hysterical and cute. It’s a funny, discreet way to let your partner know you’re on the rag and, as a result, possibly not interested in doing the deed.

Other Benefits

I don’t have a  problem telling partners I’m menstruating (literally told a guy I made out with this weekend it wasn’t going anywhere since I was bleeding) so that’s not a problem for me, but I still love these undies! The material is completely stain-proof. You do still need to wear a tampon, pad, menstrual cup, etc. with them, but any leaks will wash right out. Honestly, I hate wearing liners, and keeping a tampon in on light days can be awful. I usually choose my oldest, rattiest, darkest underwear on light days and just roll with it. But, wearing the Harebrained panties on days like this has been an absolute lifesaver. No stains & ratty panties for me!

Design & Fit

With boyshorts and briefs available at the moment, these are definitely comfy panties meant for someone on their period. The fit is super comfortable and the material is thick, meaning it won’t wear out over time. I was able to try out both the medium and large sizes. While both sizes fit me, I would venture to say that they run a little small. I typically wear small or medium underwear, finding small underwear to give a tighter fit and medium to be roomy. In this case, the medium were tight, though not uncomfy, and the large perfectly lounge-able for bloated period days.

And the designs! There’s an even wider variety than the four I added to my over-flowing underwear drawer, and they’re all so fun. They remind me of designs I would find on a graphic T-shirt at Hot Topic circa 2004. They’re silly and funny and appeal to my nerdy side. I stalked the Harebrained Designs site to see what other characters they offered, and cracked up over all the horror movie and other references. The cute and carefree nature definitely makes my period feel a little more fun!

Care & Cleaning

Just wash your Harebrained period panties in cold water with like materials. The tag says to hang-dry, but I’ve honestly accidentally thrown them in the dryer with the rest of my clothes without any bad results. I imagine over time, though, drying would lead to possible shrinking and fading of the colors, so I do try to avoid it. This is really the only inconvenience I can note with these panties, as it might be awkward for your roomie to see your “surfing the crimson wave” panties hanging on the drying rack. But still, for the great fit and good price, one tiny inconvenience is worth it, IMO.


I really love my Harebrained period panties. The entire brand is full of fun, geeky, cheeky references that’ll make any girl feel special and cute. And who doesn’t need to feel that way during the worst part of the month?

Get them at Harebrained Designs here!


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