This lovely little number is designed to inspire desire, and make you feel like purring sex kitten! It’s simple, stunning, and see-through to accentuate your curves and hug your body in a way that should be obsessed over. The stretchy, supersoft lace material can conform to your figure, while a plunging neckline brings you best assets to the forefront. The high-cut legs are lovely for anyone looking to get a little length to thin legs, and a mesh behind is the perfect material to make your booty pop. The lower portion of this design may be a bit of a challenging fit for any gal with thicker thighs or a bodacious behind, as high-legs aren’t always a flattering fit for everyone (myself included). The crotchless bottom gives a sexy, playful, erotic mystique to this totally enchanting piece, but if you’re pear shaped or voluptuous down below, you may find that the garter-style straps that hug your behind and inner thigh feel a little stretched tight. But don’t worry! They can easily be un-hooked to fly free beside your thighs, so if your lower curves are too thick to handle their dainty design, you can still rock the rest of this totally to-die-for teddy.

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can find similar designs at Lovehoney!

Name: Obsessive Charm See Through Lace Teddy
Type: Lingerie, Teddies
Designer: Obsessive
Store: Lovehoney

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Material: Polyamide, Spandex, Lace, Mesh
Qualities: Simple, Soft, Elegant, High Quality, Form Fitting, Curvy Figure, Slim Figure, Any Figure, Big Boobs, Small Boobs, Any Boobs, Black

Dainty Design

This teddy has a gorgeous design fit for a classy vixen. The plunging neckline features delicate see-through lace that encases and gently supports your girls. The straps can be easily adjusted like a bra strap to give you extra lift. The center has a simple and elegant charm to accentuate your assets. As you work your way down the bodice, a floral design catches your eye. The torso elegantly hugs your curves, and trails your eyes down to a gorgeous waist and hip line.

The hips of this teddy are lifted to show off your legs, and have a lace trim throughout. A lace V works down to the bottom of the piece, which turns to mesh just before going crotchless. The design would be entirely elegant and sensual, but the crotchless panty brings it over the naughty edge! The two straps on their side can be adjusted for your comfort, or unbuckled to hang freely against your thighs. They trail along your inner thighs to a sheer mesh panty that delicately coves the butt.

This is the front of the panty. You can see that the crotchless straps can be unbuckled.

Comfortable, Soft Material

I love how soft, subtle, and totally sensual this delicious little teddy is. The entire bodice is silky smooth, with a floral lace design that highlights a feminine mystique. It is nearly seamless throughout the body, and the transition from lace to mesh at the bottom cannot be felt. Likewise, the mesh is silky smooth! The trim of the hips and crotchless panty is a simple spandex elastic, which is not scratchy, but can be felt slightly. It feels like a very small g-string strap, with a slight lace trim around the edge. The crotchless portion of the strap is entirely smooth. Although the trim and straps are as comfortable as possible, they may dig in to some women uncomfortably, depending on size and body shape. Likewise, the bra straps are thin and soft elastic. The fit comfortably, but if you’re big busted, they’ll be working a bit of overtime to keep you supported, and may dig into your shoulders just a bit.

This is the back of the panty. Notice that the crotchless straps can be adjusted or unbuckled.

Personally, I didn’t find this to be a problem – especially as this piece is meant to be taken off quickly or at the very least, worn during a rambunctious romp… so you wouldn’t be wearing it for an extended time, anyway! However, if you do want to wear it longer under a dress or outfit, it’s absolutely possible. The curve-hugging design can definitely be hidden under clothes, and comfortable material won’t feel itchy or bulky at all under even the more fitted dress.

Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous, classy design
  • High quality, soft materials
  • Form fitting


  • May be uncomfortable or too tight for some


The Obsessive Charm See Through Lace Teddy is simply top-notch! From it’s delicately gorgeous design, to soft and sensual materials, the quality cannot be beat. It could absolutely fit a variety of figures – if you prefer a fit that’s a bit close to hug your curves. If you’re looking to hide a perceived flaw, this revealing piece won’t be your BFF. But, if you’re confident with what you’re rocking, you’ll absolutely love this tiny little thing. Some ladies with larger behinds may find the crotchless straps to be a bit uncomfortable, but that can easily be remedied if you don’t mind having them hang out a bit. Overall, this gorgeous piece of lingerie is one of my absolute favorites – and perfect for a sexy surprise, whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or simply wearing it under a hot dress for a scandalous night out!

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can find similar designs at Lovehoney!


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