Every woman loves a nice piece of lingerie – whether it be to turn on a partner, add some extra excitement into the bedroom, or simply remind us of our sex appeal. And luckily, there are brands like Hauty that allow us to embrace our sensuality with bold and racy intimate apparel. Hauty is the home of a beautiful, and growing, collection of lingerie, hosiery, and pasties, all designed to tempt, tease, and make you irresistible to any onlooker.

As a lingerie addict, I am always looking for newer and sexier pieces. So when I saw the Strap Me Down teddy by Hauty, I knew I had to have it. This teddy is shredded to perfection, with lace detailing over our most intimate body parts. What’s even better is that it’s made of super stretchy material, allowing it to hug most sizes and shapes in a snug and flattering way. And while the material doesn’t feel of the best quality, everything about the design makes up for that.

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.

Name: Strap Me Down
Type: Teddy, Lingerie
Designer: Hauty
Store: Trystology

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Materials: Nylon, Spandex
Qualities: Simple, Form Fitting, Comfortable, Lace Detailing, Any Figure, Thong


The Strap Me Down is a seamless, one-piece thong teddy designed to highlight a woman’s figure and assets. It’s made up of alternating shredded pieces and basic lace detailing, which is pleasingly placed over the breasts, mid-stomach, navel, and vagina. Even more, this piece is almost completely see-through, with only small portions being covered.

At first glance, the front and back look identical, but the back shoulder straps go further down before reaching the body of the teddy. Six long, mesh lines make up the shoulder straps, both of which meet with the first level of lace detailing to give the effect of a deep v-neck cut. However, the front v-neckline doesn’t go down into the breast area, which I would’ve loved.

You can get the Strap Me Down in two alluring colors – royal purple and midnight black.


This teddy is made completely of nylon and spandex, even the lace detailing. It’s super soft, comfortable, and clings so nicely to the body that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing anything. The material looks similar to that used on lower quality lingerie, but it is far from that. While it should be treated delicately when it comes to washing, this piece of lingerie is pretty durable and holds up well.


When I first pulled this teddy out of the box, I had to double check the sizing because it was so tiny. I played around with pulling it and quickly realized how easily (and much) it stretched. The Strap Me Down is a OSFM teddy, designed for women between 90 and 150 pounds, that fits like a figure-forming bodysuit. And it’s easy to slip into – just step into the leg holes and pull it up as you would a normal bodysuit.

This piece fit my body well, flattering my waist, back, and butt the most. I’m not very busty, and without any type of bra or padding, the Strap Me Down didn’t do much for my boobs. However, I do love the lace aspect over the breasts. I couldn’t get over how light and comfortable this teddy feels against the body, making it something you could easily wear under clothes for a sexy striptease.


Femininity and sexuality are at the heart of good lingerie, and Hauty’s Strap Me Down Teddy embodies both. It’s the perfect piece to wear before a lustful rendezvous, and will make your partner do just that- strap you down- when they see you in it. This thong teddy features a see-through design, with lace detailing over our most erogenous zones. It’s extremely light, comfortable, and form-fitting, and even more, easy to take off. With the Strap Me Down, Hauty has definitely achieved its goal to “push the limits of sexiness.”

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.


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