Traditional and Necessary

The first time I saw this vibrator, the L’Amour Tryst 1, I was a little unsure about it. I’ve always had a stubborn g-spot so I’ve always gravitated towards bullets for more clitoral stimulation. I pulled it out of it’s very sleek carrying pouch and seeing lint all over it (the silicone is a total lint magnet) made me even less prone to try it… but one I gave it a try, it was instantly one of my favorite vibes. It has a great, flexible design – strong vibrations at the tip – and is really well made for the low price. It’s fabulous for solo use, or with a partner, and had a diverse set of powerful patterns. It can even be used underwater!

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Evolved Seduction or LELO Mona 2 instead.

Name: L’Amour Premium Silicone Massager Tryst 1
Type: Traditional Vibrator, Vibrator
By: California Exotics

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Waterproof, Beginners, 3 speeds, 4 functions, Battery, Flexible, Vibrator in the tip

Flexibly Fierce

This definitely isn’t the kind of vibrator that will easily slide inside of you without lubrication, like a plastic dildo might. This silicone vibe has more of a “velvet” feel to it, allowing everything and anything to stick to it, and giving it some drag along the skin. I had to clean it with soap and water before I had even used it, making me wonder if this was going to be a high maintenance toy that wasn’t worth the effort. After I cleaned it up, I switched it from the velvet bag it came in to a silk one that wouldn’t leave lint all over it.

Before I could test it out, I grabbed my favorite water-based lube and lathered it up, making sure there wouldn’t be any friction with my sensitive skin, which makes me cringe just at the thought of it. Before I handed it over to my hookup and gave up control, I wanted to test it out myself and see how it handled on a solo mission.

My favorite part about this vibrator is that it takes the best of both worlds and put them in one toy: it perfectly hits my g-spot, but can also be used for clitoral stimulation, as the vibrations are concentrated in the tip. The flexibility of the toy makes it even more versatile, as you can manipulate it to actually hit your g-spot or clit perfect. Not only can this toy bend at a 45 degree angle, but it has seven different vibration patterns. Yes, I said it, SEVEN! Low, Medium, High, a Low to High setting, and three different pulsating variations that I enjoyed when my man matched his tempo with the tempo of the vibrator.


The Tryst 1 is extremely easy to use, and has an easy to insert and thrust design that is perfect for beginners. Just make sure you have water-based lube for this toy, as a silicone lube can destroy the material. This toy is waterproof and cleans up easily with soap and water. I noticed that if I wiped it dry with a towel, the material caught a million fuzzies and the cotton was all over my previously-clean toy. I cleaned it a second time and let it air dry before putting it in it’s case.

While it is waterproof, I also noticed that the battery hatch is difficult to get on correctly, and water can definitely damage your toy if the battery section is loose while you use it in water. Just make sure you double check before cleaning it or using it in water. I don’t plan on making this a bath toy personally, because it does need a lot of lubrication, which is hard to maintain in water. It is technically waterproof, but because of the problems with the battery hatch, I like to think of it as more water resistant or splash proof.

First Time Fun

As I mentioned above, I used this vibrator both for clitoral stimulation and to find my g-spot. Both felt fabulous, even to this g-spot beginner. However this time, I decided to reach outside of the box and try it anally as well. This is something I’ve never really tried, but my man was pretty interested in wanting to try it so why not? (Disclaimer: This toy isn’t recommended for anal – because it does not have a flared base, this toy could easily get stuck in your asshole. If you are going to use it for anal, don’t insert the toy entirely – and make sure to hold on at all times!)

The Tryst was great for first time anal because it’s not too big girth wise, and it’s smooth and flexible to move with my body naturally. With a good amount of lube, going slowly, patiently, at at my speed and comfort level – it went in easily, aside from a bit of normal discomfort. My level of enjoyment was low considering I wasn’t used to it, but my partner could feel the vibrations from the tip of the toy while he was also inside me, and was definitely enjoying the sensation. Seeing how much he enjoyed it made me enjoy it even more, and he later told me it was one of the most intense orgasms he’s had. That is definitely high praise and I know we’ll be using it again.


Vibration Settings

Tryst 1’s functions include:

– Low constant vibrations
– Medium constant vibrations
– High constant vibrations
– A pattern of vibration slowly increasing in intensity from low to high, before dropping back down to low
– Short pulses of high vibrations with approximately a second between each pulse
– Short pulses of medium vibrations with approximately half a second between each pulse
– A pattern of short medium pulses followed by one longer medium pulse

Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • High end silicone
  • Relatively strong vibration speeds and settings
  • Easy to use and insert


  • Vibrations may not be powerful for everyone
  • Cheaply made battery section


This is an amazing vibrator and I had a fantastic experience with it. I plan to keep using it, and adding even more adventure to it. I would recommend this toy to a friend without hesitation, knowing that it can be used in so many different ways, and can even find a picky g-spot. It has a lot of amazing features, like powerful vibration settings and waterproof design, allowing people to use it to their personal preferences. I think that it is a must have for any bedside drawer, beginner, or even more advanced users just looking for a simple, traditional, nice vibration. It’s great to use alone or with a partner, but I would definitely be aware of the battery hatch being in place if you plan on using it with water.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Evolved Seduction instead.

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