Let’s say you have your at home pleasure ritual perfectly orchestrated. You’ve discovered your favorite toys, always have the lube that works for you, and know just what you like when it comes to the vibe. When it comes down to the moment, everything is exactly right to transport you straight to bliss. You dim the lights, plug in that beloved Hitachi, and get to it. 

Now let’s set a different scene. You’re on vacation and you just realized you might short circuit the whole building if you plug your Hitachi into an international power grid. Or maybe you’re taking a bath, unwinding on a work trip, regretting that you didn’t pack your vibrator last minute. Suddenly the well oiled machine of your pleasure ritual has broken down. Might I present a solution: the Pomi Wand Mini Massager by Honey Play Box. 


Pomi Wand Hitachi Massager Honey Play Box


Pleasure On-Demand 

Self pleasure is such an important part of the rhythm of daily life. And just like with all of our daily rituals, sometimes it gets really thrown out of balance. Your toy breaks, you’re traveling, you’re busier than usual… It can be easy to let the importance of taking time to make yourself feel good fall by the wayside. The Pomi Wand is the perfect toy to turn to when you need to find some ease and get centered. 

Its small size and unassuming design makes it the perfect external travel vibe that still packs the power you need and want from larger toys. Its cute form blends in easily with the rest of a toiletry kit so you can skip those awkward TSA conversations. We love the color range it comes in too from understated white to a fun bright pink. Even if you’re not traveling, the Pomi Hitachi Wand is a beautifully effortless toy that’s an amazing choice when you just want to relax and let go. Its easily gripped handle and wide, spherical vibration surface does all of the work for you and it does it fast. Its silky soft silicone head creates the perfect smooth sensation when paired with lube. 


Pomi Wand Hitachi Massager Honey Play Box


The number one praise that the Pomi Wand receives from users is that it delivers an O moment in minutes when you want it to. If you’re looking to explore and play for a bit longer, the Pomi has 10 vibration settings to achieve the right pace.  The defining characteristic of the Pomi is the power it brings for its compact size. It has three,  extremely rumbly, powerful steady intensities for the first three vibrations. The next three are strong pulsing patterns in increasing degrees of medium, long, and fast; followed by three more unique vibration patterns. If you like a gentler vibration to warm up, this probably isn’t the one for you. For a small, handheld toy, the power it packs is impressive. It’s definitely comparable in power to the lower settings of a handheld plug-in wand. Being so small and easy to handle, it’s an awesome choice for those who want to be blown away but also need something convenient. 

The Pomi Wand has all the tech conveniences, designed with a magnetic, USB charger and is completely waterproof so it’s easy to clean and to play with anywhere you want to. We love that the design only has one button so you won’t have to fuss or fumble while you’re in the heat of the moment. 


Pomi Wand Hitachi Massager Honey Play Box


Whether you’re looking for a new main toy, or a vibrator to fill out your collection, the Pomi is a great option at a great price, currently on sale for $49.99. The Pomi Wand is the perfect wish fulfillment for people who want a robust vibration in a handy little package. Plus it’s just so darn cute!

Snatch one now so you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way on the Honey Play Box site for US $40.00 with the 20% off code SGP20.


Pomi Wand Hitachi Massager Honey Play Box


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