As the weather cools down, fantasies of cozy evenings and warm sentimental Sundays are filling our daydreams. Sweater weather is not only the first symptom of the autumn season but another as well: cuffing season. You may or may not have the same snuggly feelings around cuffing season as you do for fall. Perhaps you already have a partner, a dashing lover who showers you with attention, or perhaps the season emphasizes your longing for one. Either way the brown leaves and cinnamon scents wafting through the wind call us to slow down, to focus less on the fiery seduction of summer and more on the romance of comfort.

I don’t think cuffing season is just a silly dating joke about finding someone to keep you warm. I think it’s a real state of mind that comes with all of the opportunities the season presents to appreciate the little things in life. A lot of these beloved feelings and pastimes: finding quiet in a book at home, zoning in on your warm beverage, strolling through the golden-tinged parks; evoke what so many of us love and desire in long-term partnership. We want the every day to feel filled with romance; not just the occasional rendezvous and the flirtations. Cuffing season is about a deeper longing than physical companionship. When the weather turns, we’re reminded of the life-giving power of intimacy; the steadfast love and attention that make even the most mundane moments special. 


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While romance certainly seems easier when we’re in love with another, the feeling of being held in care is truly so accessible even if you’re unpartnered. Even more so than it being accessible, there is a one-of-a-kind sense of peace that comes from knowing you’re capable of being your own one true love. Knowing that the feelings of being loved, present, and supported can be summoned from your inner self at will not only fulfills the cuffing season itch but makes you a better partner in the long run. 

On top of that, dating yourself brings self-love, confidence, and an inner knowing that is really attractive to others! So whether you just want to enjoy the most picturesque fall you can or you’re eager for a partner, here are some small ways to cuff yourself in the coming months (along with some sexy gift ideas from you to you.) 


Celebrate Your Anniversary 

What is an anniversary? Really it’s just a celebration of long term devotion to someone, an activity you can and should do for yourself! Birthdays are great and all but they always seem to become about other people; what date for a party works for your friends or what restaurant has an open table. A self love anniversary is a rare opportunity to spend time devoted solely to what makes you feel special. You can practice this ritual partnered or un-partnered, scaled up or scaled down. Spend a day going to your favorite stores, eating your favorite foods, and doing your favorite pastimes. Try something new like a painting class or rock climbing. Go to a spa or even escape for a weekend to the woods. Whatever you choose to do, give it the same flair and romance that you’d use to cater a celebration to your perfect partner. Don’t you deserve the love you’d give to someone else? 


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Treat yourself: The Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator by OSUGA

If we’re being real, everyone wants their anniversary sex to be a 10/10 but there are just so many factors out of your control that go into having a mindblowing time with a partner. How often have you been too tired, too full, or for some reason just not in the mood on occasions that you planned to be super sexy? Luckily an anniversary with yourself doesn’t present those obstacles. You can get down and dirty in any manner for however long you want and the Cuddly Bird is the perfect toy for the occasion. Its ergonomic shape fits in the palm of your hand like a lock and key, while its air pulse sonic wave sucking sends you straight to sweet release. Talk about celebrating yourself. Use our code SGP15 for 15% off. 




Find Your Favorite Erotica Authors 

Erotica and romantic literature are such amazing outlets to fill your heart with love and sensuality. Beyond being pleasurable they provide a really practical function as well: space and time to discover what turns you on. The reality of dating is really limited to who is sitting in front of you at any given moment. By using your imagination and immersing yourself in story, you can uncover desires and sensations you didn’t even know you wanted. Erotica can also illuminate exactly what you’re looking for in a partnership. Browse the romance section of your favorite bookstore or subscribe to a new audio erotica app. After all, the most important reproductive organ is the brain. 


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Treat yourself: The Kurve by Hot Octopuss 

The Kurve by Hot Octopuss will have your fantasies coming off the book sheets and into your own. With its patented, dual motor Treble and Bass ™️ technology, you can get the best of both buzzy and rumbly vibrations all in one toy. The 5 vibration patterns and 25 speed modes that you can control both in the tip and shaft of the toy come together to give you nearly endless options. The toy has a soft gel tip that makes it extremely comfortable for both internal and external use so wherever your imagination takes you the Kurve can follow. Use our code ORGASM20 for 20% off your purchase. 



Seduce Yourself with Love Letters

One of the most alluring aspects of having a partner or lover is being told you are beloved and special on a continuous basis. Receiving love letters, romantic poems, songs, and little notes is an almost addictively good feeling. It is so much harder to give ourselves the love that we want than it is to look for it elsewhere. The truth is your capacity to accept love from another is equal to your capacity to accept love from yourself. So practice now! Write yourself love letters. Make long lists of all of the aspects of you that make you brilliant and beautiful and worthy. Find poetry that makes your heart gooey. Write poetry that makes your heart gooey! Journal about the future you want with yourself and all the ways your life makes you happy. And if you believe in manifestation, maybe you’ll even write your way to someone who adores you as much as you adore yourself. 


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Treat yourself: The iroha rin+ by Tenga 

From first glance, the iroha rin+ seduces. It has a sculptural design and an elegant feel that makes using it a romantic affair. The insertable toy’s body is one of a kind, with a spherical head that has a marshmallow soft texture. The length and shape of the toy also make using it very comfortable so you won’t get carpal tunnel or have to fumble around with a lot of buttons. For those who prefer a light touch, this vibe’s softness combined with a variety of vibrations makes it a great option. Use our coupon code SGPW10 for 10% off of orders above $75 at



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