The Minna Ola is unlike any vibrator I’ve ever tried before. Sure, it may look pretty nondescript at first glance – just a simple, pretty vibrator with an understated curve. But once held in your hands, it’s clear that this vibrator uses some cool technology. It’s vibrations are entirely controlled by you. This isn’t a few-speed and few-pattern vibrator, which can sometimes leave you wishing for more, and convince you that your own hand could have done better. No, no – with this, you control each and every vibration with the motion on your own fingers to any speed you’d like, and best of all create your own patterns. No more of those sex toy companies that tell us the patterns our bodies should enjoy. It’s just as personal as using your hands – but even better with the added power of vibration! If you’ve ever been left wondering, “is this all this thing can do?!” – this vibrator will have you purring to your own favorite motions – and likely finding something new that you’ll enjoy even more! Keep reading for my review.

Note: This product is discontinued, but we recommend the We-Vibe Nova 2 Adjustable Rabbit Vibrator instead!

Name: Ola
Type: Traditional Vibrator, Vibrator
By: Minna

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars 
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Unique, BeginnersHigh Quality, Waterproof, Quiet, Multi Speed, Multi Function, Curved, Rumbly, Rounded Tip, Cute Design, Rechargeable, USB

Unique Controls

The vibrations of the Minna Ola are entirely controlled by you. The handle of the toy has an air pad or “squeeze pillow” that you squeeze to activate the vibration. A tiny mechanism inside senses the air pressure so that as you squeeze harder, the vibrations get more powerful. Minna’s founder describes that it’s like “the gas pedal on your car – the harder you push, the more power you get”. But, that doesn’t quite describe how cool it is to hold something in your hand, and be entirely in control. It’s the ultimate sex-empowerment to be in control of your own orgasm every step of the way. It hardly takes any pressure at all to get this toy purring, and the pace can be controlled throughout with simply applying pressure to the pillow.

Once you get the vibrations purring, the Ola has two modes: freeplay and loop. Free play mode allows you to control the pressure at every moment. Initially, this is pretty cool – but it gets tiring very quickly. If you’re thrusting the toy, you have to make sure your pressure stays constant, which is a pretty difficult task when you’re going at yourself like a jack hammer. It’s especially frustrating to keep pressure as I start to reach orgasm. When I’m about to finish, my fingers tend to tense up, release, and shake  (something I never realized before trying this toy). As my hands lose control, my grip releases, automatically slowing down the vibration. I just can’t keep that steady pressure while in the throes of passion. Then, I either lose my orgasm entirely, or it becomes an edging process – which can be powerful in the end, but just takes way too long when I’m looking for a quick release. On the other hand, this Minna Ola is great after you’ve already orgasmed and want to instantly get a lighter vibration without having to cycle through patterns to get there. You’re way too sensitive for the high vibration, but don’t want to miss out on sensation entirely. With this toy, it’s so simple to go from high to low in an instant when you want it.

The free play mode is a bit frustrating when solo, but much better with a partner. My man has always liked the idea of using toys on me, but in practice, he starts to feel like a third wheel – and that the toy just takes over with its powerful vibrations. He doesn’t really have control. He just presses a button, puts it on me, and I orgasm. But with the Minna Ola, your partner can feel like they are more active in your pleasure, simply because they can control every move – rather than relying on pre-set settings. They choose exactly what it feels like for you – whether they want to tease you with light vibrations, edge you by lowering the vibrations at the last minute, or keep you going with the strongest pressure. If your partner has ever gotten bored of controlling a single push button vibe – oh hell, if you’ve gotten sick of it yourself – the unique controls of free play and loop are perfect.

Loop mode is where this vibrator really gets unique. In loop mode, you can create your own pattern (up to 10 seconds long) by recording it with the squeeze pad. You squeeze to your desired pattern (maybe to the beat of dutch house, if you’re so inclined…) and it replays the pattern back to you. If you get the pattern right, it’s like sitting on a really tiny subwoofer while the bass pounds to your favorite song (though not nearly as powerful – it’s a vibrator, not an appliance, after all). Personally, I am a huge fan of pulse patterns – but sometimes the pre-programmed “roller coaster” and “steady pulse” patterns can get pretty boring. This totally switches up the vibe with spontaneity and an element of surprise – especially if your partner is the one creating the pattern.

The one fatal flaw of this technology is the unfortunate set-up of programming, and the inability to save your favorite vibration. First, setting up your pulse pattern takes a bit of planning. You have to squeeze the pillow just right, and hope that nothing interrupts you or you don’t mess up your pressure or speed. Once you do find your perfect pattern – well, you better enjoy it while you have it. You can save it for the time being, to prevent a slip of the hand from ruining it – but once you turn it off or go back to free play mode, that blissful vibration is gone… forever. I wish that you could save your favorite patterns semi-permanently by holding another button, which would then set to the pattern until helps again. This way, you could go back to your favorite pattern instantly for your next session, and could even cycle or switch between your own pre-set patterns for even more variety. Even so, it’s a totally unique and worthwhile technology for the girl or guy craving more diversity from their vibe.


The Minna Ola is made of beautiful, velvety silicone that is smooth and sleek, with a hard interior. From the photos, it may be tough to tell what does where – so the long, thin, gradual end is the insertable part, and the square part at the top is the air squeeze control. At eight inches long, 3.5 inches are insertable, and the widest point is 1.5 inches. The Minna Ola looks confusing in the pictures, but it’s much more intuitive in person. The design of the vibe is very pretty and aesthetically pleasing, but for proper thrusting – it could be much more ergonomic. In it’s current “S” formation, the design forces my 4 fingers to be on the air pad, and my wrist awkwardly twisting to try to get a decent thrust if I ever want the curve to reach my g-spot properly. Instead, I wish this vibration was in a “U” formation, so I could hold my thumb against the air pad, and have the curved end hit my g-spot without any awkward twisting of my wrist. For me, this was a much better clit vibrator than a g-spot toy, as thrusting is really strange with this particular shape. As a couples toy, this design is great. Your partner can hold it however they please, and target the vibrations wherever they like. But for solo use, it’s a bit uncomfortable. On the bright side, its waterproof and fully submersible

Vibration & Power

Although I love the unique vibration patterns, I found myself pressing harder and harder for a more intense vibration that just never came. The vibrations are rumbly and somewhat powerful, but for a girl that needs some more vibe to get going, it was a tease. For 90% of the population though, I’m sure that these vibrations would be beyond perfect and enjoyable. The vibrations are very rumbly, rather than buzzy, and you can clearly tell that they’re made from a high quality motor – they just don’t get up to the full intensity I was craving.

Package / USB / Things

I usually don’t bother to mention packaging. Personally, I care more about the package than what it’s wrapped in. But, the Ola’s packaging is really cool and different. It’s a cardboard tube, with the Ola nestled inside, cutely positioned to sit upright in the tube. If it didn’t have a dildo on it, I would totally re-gift this packaging. But, alas, it has a dildo – so the packaging can’t be reused (at least with gifts for family). It also comes with a cloth bag that’s perfect for storage. I wish that all toy companies were so kind as to include a 5 cent bag with their toys. Seriously, it’s a lifesaver. It also comes with a manual and USB charger.

The USB charger is a bit of a pain in the ass – but despite the frustration, it yields wonderful results. Most vibes have a pulsing light when charging, then a steady glow when done. This vibe pulses one light while charging, then both lights when charged. A bit of a change to get used to. The magnetic charging port also has to be aligned just so… challenging when the USB is plugged into your computer. And even stranger to have to explain what a sex toy is doing next to your computer. Even so, I love rechargeable vibes… and this one holds charge forever. There’s nothing more saddening than reaching for your favorite vibe in the heat of the moment, only to realize it’s dead from a few days of standby. But the Ola just seems to go and go and go. I’ve used this vibe several times, and have yet to have it die on me. I haven’t even had the two-pulse warning that it’s dying yet. YAY for toys that hold charge like champs!

Pros & Cons


  • Unique touch pad technology
  • Interactive features
  • Gorgeous design
  • High end materials
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Could use more power and intensity


The technology of the Minna Ola is so unique and incredible that I can’t help but love the concept of this toy. But, especially for the lofty price of $149, there are a few things I would change to make me really love it. A more curved shape that follows a “U” shape rather than an “S” shape would be better much more pleasurable for g-spot thrusting. I also would have preferred a larger range of vibrations, with stronger vibrations at the end. I also would have loved some extra button that allowed me to record and save a pattern, rather than it disappearing after. But, I still really really really love the technology – I just can’t love it in it’s current form. Kind of like a really cute, smart guy with great ambition… but he just can’t seem to get the job done. On the bright side, I love that this vibe is waterproof, made of nice-feeling silicone, holds charge well, can create unique patterns, and is touch-activated (especially fun for partner play). I would love to see this technology on other kinds of vibrators – stronger vibes, curved vibes, textured vibes, rabbit vibes… but for now, the Minna Ola is wonderful, high-quality luxury vibe that is perfect for someone seeking a unique experience, and has the cash to spare.


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