Adorable Design, Mini Vibrations

Pink… mini… travel… vibrators. These are a few of my favorite things. The Iroha Mini Ume-Anzu fulfills them all, with an adorable design that promises hand-held pleasure with on-the-go ease vibrations. The Iroha Mini also has a super cute website with an adorable video… showing just how cute this teeny tiny vibe could be. Even better, it was inexpensive at under $30 (listed at 24.99, and varying prices at most retailers)! So, when Iroha offered to send me the aww-inducing Iroha Mini Ume-Anzu… I was instantly sold. I couldn’t wait to try this unique little treat, and experience the hopefully awe-inspiring pleasure it promised.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango or Iroha Sakura instead.

Name: Iroha Mini Ume-Anzu
Type: Bullet, Clitoral Vibe, Vibrators
By: Iroha by Tenga

Hearts: 2 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil
Vibration: 1 Car
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Plastic
Special Features: Waterproof, Travel Friendly, Inexpensive, One Speed, Cute Design, Ergonomic, Rounded Tip, Buzzy Vibrations, Beginners, Battery

Size & Design

When my teeny tiny Iroha Mini arrived, if definitely lived up to it’s cute name and online appearance. It is truly the tiniest of hand-held vibrators. At just 2.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide, it is definitely a vibe that fits in the palm of your hand, and could likely fit into your tiniest clutch for some on-the-go pleasure.


I wish that the Iroha Mini had as equally pleasing vibrations as it’s external appearance. But, when I turned the Iroha Mini on (with a simple push button to it’s single speed), I thought that the battery it came with must have been broken or weakened during travel. I popped in one of my own AAA’s, and was shocked to find that this single weak vibration was the Iroha Mini’s standard full speed.

The vibration itself is less powerful than the vibration on my iPhone, except it is more buzzy and fast-paced, rather than rumbly. With such a fast vibration, this vibe could even be described as clit-numbing. It feels a bit strong in your hand, but once it’s used as intended, the weak vibrations are totally lost against my skin. I don’t think this vibe would even be a good warm up for something stronger, because the vibrations are more tickling and numbing rather than teasing and pleasing. Unfortunately, they just did nothing for me… and this vibe was quickly outcasted to the land of never-seen-again’s. However, these vibrations may be perfect for someone who’s new to the sensations, or prefers something less powerful than me.

Pros & Cons


  • Cute design
  • High end materials


  • Weak, slit-number vibrations
  • Overpriced


Realistically, the weak vibrations may be considered standard for an inexpensive vibrator running on a single AAA battery… but I have experienced bullets under $30 with much stronger vibrations, and a variety of patterns, so I was really expecting more of the Iroha Mini. I was, at the very least, hoping its vibrations would be an exciting start to a light play session. But in the end, despite it’s cute design, the Iroha Mini would never ever be able to bring me even close to orgasm. It may be a nice vibrator for a beginner who isn’t used to the sensation… but even then, there are stronger vibes with more variety that are out there for the price. On a redeeming note, it is helplessly cute and aww-inducing, and it’s currently sitting on my desk as a rocking paper holder.

Thank you, Iroha, for letting me review this vibe! I’m very sorry that it wasn’t right for me.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango or Iroha Sakura instead.


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