The Iroha line is the first female-oriented vibrators from Tenga, a sex toy manufacturer best known for it’s masturbatory sleeves. Months ago, Tenga had sent me the Iroha Mini to review – a small, single AAA battery-powered vibrator, which was intended to be the cheaper alternative to their luxury line. I tried it, hated it, and wrote that there were much better options out there for the price. I definitely didn’t have high expectations for other Tenga toys. After all, a male-dominated company now making female toys doesn’t really have the keys to success from the start.

Although Tenga’s Iroha Mini wasn’t up to speed, the Sexperts at Good Vibes ventured to send me the higher-quality Iroha-Sakura to review, knowing full well it might not be the powerhouse of pleasure I crave. They took their chances… and actually, I was pleasantly surprised at the Iroha-Sakura‘s strength and quality. With rumbly vibrations and a gorgeous plush material, this vibe could easily be among my favorites… if, of course, it was just a touch more powerful. For the lady that prefers lighter to mid-level vibrations this could easily become a top contender for best vibrator out there.

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Name: Iroha Sakura
Type: Discreet Vibe, Clitoral Vibe, Vibrators
By: Tenga

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Beginners, Splashproof, Multi Speed, Multi Function, Rumbly Vibrations, Cute Design, Quiet, Travel Friendly, Rechargeable, A/C, USB

Toy Concept

The Iroha-Sakura is one of three clitoral vibrators in the new Iroha line. Each has a slightly different design. The green Midori is round and somewhat flat, with a little nub for clitoral stimulation. The white Yuki is shaped kind of like a snowman, with a little head that can be slightly inserted. The light pink Sakura has a slight cut out on one end, designed to cradle your clitoris for max stimulation. While I can’t comment directly on the Midori or Yuki, it’s safe to say that all the vibrators in the Iroha line will carry similar vibration strength and overall design qualities.

Unique Plush Material

The first thing that stands out about the Iroha Sakura is the unique texture and feel of the material. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced from a sex toy! It feels soft and squishy on the outside, with a firmer inside. This is caused by a soft silicone exterior with a polyurethane layer inside, to create a pillowy effect. You can actually push down on the plush material, or squeeze it together. The tip is especially plush-y, and can be squeezed and moved to perfectly fit your clit. The outer silicone material is totally soft against your skin. In fact, the entire surface of the toy feels entirely seamless and skin-like. It’s incredible! Aside from the control panel at the base, you can feel this luxurious material glide along your skin without any drag at all. For me, it didn’t even need a lubricant. It’s silky exterior is also dust-repellant, and seems to stay very clean. I’ve had it for a few weeks, and it still looks brand new! It’s definitely one of a kind. Although some reviewers have complained of a strange smell, my Iroha came entirely odorless, even when close-up. It is splash-proof and can be easily washed with soap and water – but it is not waterproof, so don’t submerge it or get water near the controls.

Handheld Pleasure

The Iroha Sakura is fairly small, but not so tiny that it will get lost in your drawers. At just 3.25 inches across and 2.25 inches at the widest point, this vibe is the definition of hand-held. It would be perfect for travel or simply keep in your drawers – yet, it definitely could have used a travel pouch. It currently comes with a plastic display case for storage – which is great if you keep your toys on display, but not so great if you’re in a dorm, at home, or on-the-go.

I love the cute and sweet design – and absolutely love the material – but I do wish that the clit indentation was a bit more pronounced. The indent is just under a half inch deep, and designed to rest on either side of your clit. Although it does cradle my clit, I wish it was a bit deeper so that I could get even more stimulation, and move it around a bit for more of a cradling effect. As is, it still feels great – but definitely left me wanting a bit more. The indentation also didn’t carry vibration as well as the top portion of the toy. If the motor was closer to the clit portion, rather than the top round side, this issue could have been resolved.

Pleasant Power

Typically, I have a bit of an issue with luxury vibes who seem to prefer light vibrations over power. I was expecting the Iroha-Sakura to have predictably light vibrations, but I was pleasantly surprised by their power. They were rumbly and deep, perfect for knee-shaking orgasms, yet still light rather than earth-shaking. The vibrations certainly aren’t as powerful as my favorite bullet, but they did get the job done and didn’t leave me frustrated. Overall, it seems really well-balanced, and could work for a big range of people. If you prefer power-house vibrations like me, the Sakura probably won’t be your favorite vibrator. But, if you prefer lighter vibrations, the Iroha line is definitely a fabulous contender for top choice.

Pros & Cons


  • Soft, plush silicone
  • Unique design
  • Easy to use, clean, and charge
  • Great storage case


  •  Vibrations are too weak for me, but would be nice for most


The Iroha-Sakura isn’t one of my favorites, but it could definitely be one of your favorites if you like light to mid vibrations. These vibrations are very rumbly, deep, and high-quality – even if they’re a bit too light for me. It has a great design, fabulous material, and easy controls with whisper-quiet vibrations and a bit of variety (three speeds, one pulse pattern). It also comes with a really sweet display case, and two charging options – both USB and A/C power – so no matter your preference, you can charge it up happily! I’d absolutely recommend this vibrator to anyone who loves high-quality toys and a solid vibration that will please them without putting their clit into hiding.

Thank you, Good Vibes!

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