The Form 5 is the fifth innovation in a series of unique vibrators from Jimmy Jane. It’s soft, small, and gets the job done, with light to moderate, sometimes tickling vibrations that are perfect for a beginner or someone who prefers light to medium stimulation. I would definitely take this little friend on vacation, or bring it for a quickie in the elevator, or to add some extra fun to play time with a partner. It’s unique design is incredibly pleasurable, and all of the details are ultra high end.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Jimmyjane Form 2 instead.

Name: Form 5
Type: Vibrator, Clitoral Vibe
By: Jimmy Jane

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Intensity: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Waterproof, Rechargeable, USB, Travel-Friendly, 5 Speeds, 4 Patterns

Size & Design

This is a fun little toy. I love how petite it is and how it feels when you hold it. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and you can easily cup the bottom when using it. The soft silicone feels delicate against your skin. It’s made from phthalate-free medical grade silicone with stainless steel on the bottom to wirelessly connect it to its charging base.

It doesn’t look like any vibrator I’ve ever tried. It has two soft “wings” to flutter on your labia and in the crevice between them a small bump called the “pleasure dome” for direct clitoral stimulation. I was expecting the wings to just touch my labia at the same time the dome hit my clit, but I had to smush the wings down to get the dome to my clit. There’s an inch between the wing tips and the dome, so unless you have a clit that protrudes past your labia, you’ll have to smush them down, too. This still delivered vibrations to the labia, so it’s not necessarily a downside. I liked teasing all over with the fluttering wings. If your clit needs a bit of a break or a change-up in sensation, pull back and play with the wings. You can flutter them back and forth across the labia and clit or your lower labia. I liked turning the wings horizontal and fluttering up and down over the whole vulva.

As you can tell from the photos – this silicone is a dust magnet! Be sure to store it in a satin bag if possible, and wash it thoroughly before and after use. Washing this toy was a breeze. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. It’s silicone and doesn’t have any ridges so you can easily wipe off any mess with a toy wipe or rinse it off in soap and water. I did find little fuzzies liked to stick to the material, which is the only downside.

Vibrations & Power

This vibe has 5 speeds and 4 patterns, furthering its variability. The lowest setting is a soft to medium buzz you could use over your whole body. This toy is recommended for use on your nipples and penises as well, so every body part can enjoy it. Try it with a partner and let me know how you like it. I tried it out on my nipples and it was okay for that use. Vibrations on my boobs feel a bit odd to me. The highest intensity setting was strong and buzzy but not incredibly strong – certainly not an overkill. This toy was fairly quiet. Even at the highest setting, I would feel comfortable using it under the sheets with my Dad outside my bedroom door.

The vibration patterns are:

  1. Quick, continuous pulses
  2. Steady vibration
  3. Slow rollercoaster vibration (low to high to low)
  4. Fast rollercoaster vibration

This toy can last about 4 hours on one charge. I like rechargeable toys because I think having batteries rolling around in your drawers is annoying. The charger adds to this toy’s sleekness. The charging base plugs into a USB drive, so you can charge it on your computer or with any other USB-input plug like a wall or car charger you might use for your phone (on-the-go charging!). Very convenient. You check its charge by lifting the vibe off the charging base: 3 blinks – high charge, 2 blinks – medium charge, 1 blink – low charge, 4 slow flashes – zero charge. Jimmy Jane recommends not letting it run down to zero charge because it could harm the battery, so be careful to keep it charged. This toy is definitely travel size and has a function to lock the controls so it doesn’t cause a scene in your suitcase.

Pros & Cons


  • Safe material
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel Size


  • Expensive


This vibe’s unique, ergonomic design provides an experience a little different and more fun than many other vibes. I am definitely going to use this again and am excited to try it out on a partner – not just on their genitals but all over their body. This toy is great for teasing and can also push you over the edge with its dynamic possibilities. If you like light to moderate vibrations, and toys with high end designs, the Jimmy Jane Form 5 is a must-have!

This product is no longer available. We recommend Jimmyjane Form 2 instead.


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