They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach with food, and if that’s the case, then the way to a woman’s heart is through an abundant amount of sensual massages. So, once I received the JO All-in-One Massage Kit, I rallied my partner in crime–and bed, *wink wink*–and counted down the hours-no, minutes- of trying out this spectacular kit. The kit not only did its job seamlessly, it had paved a path for many more nights of massage foreplay in the near future!

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The JO All-in -One Massage Kit came in a nice convenient package that declared a night of passion with the assistance of their long-lasting lube glide and massager. Inside the box was a whole bunch of goodies. The kit included: The signature JO All-in-one Massage glide, a hand held plastic play massager, a massage guide and one mood setting tealight.

The All-in-one warming massage glide also substitutes as a personal lubricant for when that massage smoothly transitions to sex and also a skin/tattoo conditioner! How cool is that, I can use the same lube that get my engine going to also quench my dry skin and tattoos?

The massage guide is a paper guide on setting the mood with lights, candles and mood music and suggestions on how to lead your partner into a night of touching and lovin’. The plastic massager is also encouraged to use for you and your partners’ massage, however, from personal experience, my partner and I didn’t really use it as much as I would’ve expected. 

In Use

Like the guide had suggested, I had dimmed the lights and set the music to some slow jams station on Pandora. However, that one itty bitty tealight candle most definitely did not set the mood, I had to run all over my house to find an assortment of candles that could somehow create the setting only seen in movies.

So, after some time putting together my best attempt at ‘setting the mood’, I had lead my partner by hand and opened the door to our own little world of fantasy. Per usual, I declared that ladies must come first- which still applied to even this scenario. With my partner up to batter first, he started with putting the massage glide on my back and thighs. The gel felt a little thicker than usual lubricant. With that being said, I would say a little does not go a long way, my partner and I had to keep pouring more glide to ensure unnecessary skin burns.  My partner complimented how the glide wasn’t too slippery to where you couldn’t feel anything you were doing to your partner, but enough glide to actually feel the curves of the skin and know what pressure to use.

At one point, he integrated the play massager into my massage. I would rate the play massager an ‘ehhh’ on a scale from ‘this literally does nothing’ to ‘ahhmazing’. Nothing really can replace the skin to skin feeling with a plastic thing with tiny knobs on it. I would honestly say that was the least exciting item in the massage kit.

The texture of the glide was a nice consistency that could hold up to a great massage.There was no stick or tacky feeling, it actually made my skin feel like butter. My attempt at using the massager also didn’t go as well as I had hoped. When I tried to use it on my partners’ back, he complained of the ball ends pushing too hard on his back and shoulder blades. I figured that the constant movement of a knuckle or hand on the back makes for a better massage than that of a piece of contorted plastic.

Pros & Cons


  • The kit has multiple items to use
  • The glide is simply amazing and even after a night of pure bliss, you will wake up with your skin uber soft.
  • The massage guide helps those who are first timers or a bit dazed and lost


  • That one tiny tealight candle definitely ain’t enough! You will need at least 7-10.
  • The play massager isn’t the most functional one out there
  • I wish the glide had more than 1 fl. Oz. because I would’ve liked to use this kit more than just once.



Massages can never do me wrong – like, ever. The JO All-in-one massage kit is seamlessly a great addition to add to the repertoire of things to try in the bedroom. The glide can be used as multiple uses like a lubricant and/or tattoo conditioner. I would highly recommend this kit for anyone from beginners to even the students going to those massage therapy schools we see on T.V. all the time.

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