Looking for the perfect affordable Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift? Or maybe you’re just looking to add the lightest touch of kink to date night or a romantic night in with your partner. Tantric Touch provides just that with their sensual massage enhancer.

Once slipped from its cardboard packaging, the Tantric Touch box is discreet while offering an air ofluxury. I love the simple black, magnet-secured box. Inside, there are compartments for feathers, the finger tips (more on that later), and the metal-beaded Kino chain.

Each kit contains ten nails, enough to fit all the fingers of at least one hand for most people. It’s easy to mix and match them to fit your preferences, and the instructions include some tips as to who the product will fit best. (More on how to use these nail attachments later.) The kit also includes seven feathers. As intended, the masseuse will wear five fingers at a time, so the extra two are there in case one gets lost or broken. Finally, there is the Kino chain.

The nails have small holes on them to fit the feathers into. From there, you can massage your partner with your hands while the feathers add a soft, tickling feeling. The instructions provide further direction on using the feathers and inserting them into the slots. From a creative view, it’s possible to use the feathers and nails separately, too. For example, if your partner has shorter nails but you enjoy that scratchy feeling, your partner could put on some of the fingertips and use them to lightly scratch your back. The feathers can be used to glide or tickle along the body with or without the nails.

As for the feathers, they are long, soft, and extra downy. They feel natural and sensual, not like cheap craft store feathers.


The Kino chain is also amazing as a touch enhancer. The metal chains can be slowly guided along the body for a sensual, unique touch. Though the instructions don’t suggest it, those who enjoy a bit of pain play might enjoy some light tapping and slapping with the chain as well, though the Kino chain is short, so movement is limited. Touch along the face and ears feels extra sensuous.

Since these materials are porous (feathers and string on the Kino chain), I wouldn’t recommend using these toys on genital regions, though perhaps if you are using these toys solely with yourself or a long term partner, you might decide otherwise. The Kino chain must be kept dry, according to the instructions, and I can’t imagine a way to clean feathers aside form maybe lightly spraying them with water and letting them air dry, which isn’t very effective. That being said, I would limit use to all regions “not private”.

All in all, the Tantric Touch Sensual Massage Enhancer is perfect for any couple. The two of you will enjoy pampering each other, and vanilla couples will love adding just a hint of taboo into their massage technique. It’s a fabulous foreplay kit!

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