Jopen’s “Key Charms” line is the latest in luxury bullet vibrators for review. Each petite vibe comes with a unique sleeve, from featuring plush, silk, and lace-themed designs. I tried the Silk version, in eggshell blue. As a “luxury” bullet, I expected this Jopen bullet to wow me. It came in sleek packaging, advertising “Small Package, Big Reward”, which got my hopes up even more because my favorite bullets are actually very tiny and still powerful. The box, carrying pouch, and even the bullet itself are all very luxurious. If the presentation was everything, this would have the highest rating out there. Yet, if you’re basing your decisions on your visual judgments, then you are about to be sorely let down. It’s definitely not the best vibrator. The vibrators are weak, even though that materials are high quality. This might be a good vibrator for a beginner… but if you already have a bullet that you love and gets you off, skip right by this one and forget it even passed your eyes. If you’re looking for a bullet with light-vibrations, high-quality materials, great packaging, and a good warranty – this vibe may be for you.

This exact product is no longer available, but the very similar Amour Mini G-Spot Vibrator is!


Name: Key Charms
Type: Bullet, Clitoral Vibes, Vibrators
By: Jopen

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil
Vibration: 2 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Material: ABS plastic body with a PU cote, which has a soft silky feel. Silicone sleeve.
Special Features: Inexpensive, Beginners, Textured, Cute Design, Buzzy, Travel-Friendly, Waterproof, 5 Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, 5 Silicone sleeves to choose from (sold separately)

Design & Material Quality

Like most other Jopen products, this bullet definitely has a beautiful design and presentation. It’s less than four inches long, making it small and compact enough for traveling and those who prefer to be discreet about their toys. It has a stainless alloy button at the end of the bullet, making it easy to use and easy to change through the five vibration settings. The bullet itself is encased with a soft silicone sleeve that feels amazing on the skin and doesn’t dull the vibrations itself. Unfortunately, these tight-fitting sleeves make it more difficult to clean. Getting the sleeve off was problem enough, but getting it back on was also a pain. I tried putting mine back on too soon and I could tell there was a film of water between, so I had to take it off again and let it air dry for a while before trying again. There are plenty of bullets out there that have a soft silicone coating that doesn’t require a sleeve for the texture. I would prefer a silicone vibrator over the sleeve.

Several Textured Sleeves

When you first open up the box Key Charms comes in, you take note that there are actually 5 different silicone sleeves to choose from. I had received the Silk Blue, which has subtle and almost unnoticeable gentle waves in the silicone sleeve. After doing some research online, I found that there were indeed four other sleeves (lace pink, velvet lavender, plush pink, and curve lavender). While I thought I could just order the sleeves for the original vibrator I already had, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case. For each sleeve, you would have to order a new vibrator as well, for about $35 a pop! So to get the collection, you would be making an intense and expensive investment. There may technically be five sleeves to choose from, but you would also end up with five identical vibrators beneath the sleeves.

Vibrations and Power

This vibrator definitely didn’t have the power I wanted it to have. There are 3 solid vibration settings; “low”, “medium”, and “high”; and then two pulsating vibes, at different intensities as well. The “high” setting was the only one I found could get me off and make it worth using, but even then I had to work hard and be patient to get there. If this is your first vibrator or you prefer lighter vibrations, then it would be a nice vibe… but I highly recommend trying one with a little more buzz behind it. I like how easy it was to use. Simply press the button on the top to change vibrations and then hold for 3 seconds to power off. I also like that it’s whisper quiet. This is a very discreet vibrator and even quieter than my cell phone. This would definitely be on my top list of bullets, had the vibrations been stronger. If you’re given this as a first-time vibrator, use it! If you’re doing research and wanting a luxurious vibrator, you may find it’s for you, but also may want something stronger. If this was the only vibrator available, I would make it work. However, since it isn’t the only one in my bedroom, it will stay in its soft traveling pouch in case of an emergency.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality silicone
  • Great carrying pouch
  • Petite and discreet


  •  Vibrations are pretty weak and light


This vibrator is small, soft, and quiet. It’s gorgeous and high-quality, with a great traveling and storage pouch. However, the vibrations are relatively weak, reminding us that only so much power can come out of a single AA battery. The silicone sleeve is a good idea in theory, especially when you can theoretically change them out with other textured sleeves. If the vibrator came with the other sleeves or if you could buy them inexpensively without buying another vibrator as well, then the cons of the sleeve would be worth the hassle. The creator of this vibrator had the right idea, but the execution wasn’t there. At the end of the day, we just want a strong vibration for clitoral stimulation to help relieve our sexual tension. I won’t be using this vibrator again unless my other bullets somehow go missing and it’s a race between the Key Charms and my fingers.

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