Lips are one of my favorite assets, so it’s no wonder why I love high-quality products that give them a sexy pout, and leave them feeling smooth and touchably soft. And that’s exactly what Kama Sutra’s Lip Fetish gloss does! With enhancing intimacy and passion at its core, Kama Sutra features a charming range of sensual products, and definitely created a winner with their oral pleasures lip gloss. The three flavors are also each designed to give a warming, tingling sensation – which can be used to enhance oral pleasure with your partner.

I had the opportunity to try Lip Fetish in tasty Wild Raspberry, which left my lips soft, plump, and lickably irresistible. It’s easily smoothed onto the lips for a long-lasting beautiful pink tint, and leaves them feeling moisturized even after the color had faded away. 

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.

Cute Design

Lip Fetish comes in a slim 0.14 fl oz tube that is either made of glass or very heavy-duty plastic. The body of the tube is clear, other than a few distinct markings and designs, with a dark charcoal gray top which easily twists off to expose an applicator wand.   


This gloss hosts a long list of aromas, dyes, artificial chemicals, and most importantly, natural oils that work together wonderfully. Along with other ingredients, Castor Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Silica Dimethyl Silylate give Lip Fetish its moisturizing properties, glossiness, and ability to stay on lips for a long time. Although it is paraben-free and I personally didn’t have any negative reaction or symptoms, it does contain ingredients that may cause irritation in some people.

Tasty Experience

More accurately described as a “kissing gloss,” Lip Fetish Wild Raspberry is non-sticky and absolutely delish. It’s easily smoothed onto lips leaving them soft and supple, and has a pleasantly sweet smell and taste. While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact color, as it is a unique blend of different shades of pink, I only had to apply one coat for it to give my lips a more vibrant pink coloring. And it has the perfect amount of color and glisten – enough to be noticeable, yet not overwhelming.

I know many glosses claim to have plumping abilities, but Lip Fetish actually does without being irritating and uncomfortable. My lips appeared fuller, and while it did cause them to feel numb with a warming sensation, it was very subtle. One thing I’m not quite sure about is how it enhances oral for the person on the receiving end. It’s advertised as being designed for oral pleasure, but didn’t really seem to have any effect – although it did leave a nice taste wherever my lips trailed. However, if your partner is more sensitive to warming, tingling sensations – you may find that it’s just what you’re looking for.


Kama Sutra’s Lip Fetish gloss is perfect for anyone looking for a gloss that leaves lips feeling hydrated and moisturized, with a nice tint. It’s long-lasting with the perfect combination of color and shine, meaning it has the versatility to be worn during a normal workday or night out on the town. And while I absolutely love the divine smell and delicious taste of Wild Raspberry, it may not be for everyone, which is why they also offer it in Cool Mint and Sweet Strawberry – both of which are said to taste exactly like their names imply. This brand is a little on the pricier end for lip gloss, but definitely worth the extra bucks!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.

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