After trying the LELO Ella, I was absolutely in love with LELO. It’s pleasure-perfect design totally blew me away. Then, the LELO Mia 2 impressed me in it’s gorgeous simplicity, with nice vibrations that are nearly perfect. The LELO Siri 2 was also gorgeous, and had nice vibrations with high-end features. So, when I was offered to try the LELO Mona Wave, their brand new vibrator with the same high-end qualities and a unique g-spot massage feature in addition to vibrations. It has a sleek and effective design made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, and is entirely waterproof and A/C rechargeable. It even comes with a 1-year warranty, personal lubricant, classy satin storage pouch, and sleek box! With all the makings of an incredibly high-end toy, the LELO Mona Wave is in a class of it’s own!

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Name: Mona Wave
Type: Vibrators, G-spot Vibrators, Wavers

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Several Speeds, Multi Function, Curved, Pointed Tip, High Quality, Waterproof, Rechargeable, A/C

Elegant Design

The LELO Mona Wave is a sleek g-spot vibrator that is elegant, lightweight, and has a curve designed to perfectly and ergonomically hit your g-spot. Aesthetically, it’s simply beautiful. It has a long, round, thin shape with a gently pointed tip that rounds into a bulbous curve to massage your g-spot. It then slims down as you reach the controls, so there’s no uncomfortable “fullness” feeling at the opening of your vagina. This contoured design makes it fabulous for a g-spot massage, and also for thrusting! The entire look and feel is elegant, sleek, and classy. One end of the toy is smooth white silicone, with silicone button controls that are easy to hit and use. The other end is either pink, purple, or black – and is entirely silky smooth velvety silicone. The entire design is waterproof and submersible, making it incredibly easy to clean and care for. It also comes with some luxury details, including an A/C rechargeable port and cord, a satin pouch, high-end personal lubricant, 1 year warranty, and 10 year satisfaction guarantee (which gives you 50% off your next purchase if your toy dies). It’s available in black, purple, or pink (which is my personal favorite!).

Vibration & Power

The Mona Wave is entirely unique in it’s delivery of pleasure. Rather than simply vibrating, it combines vibration with a rising and falling motion to massage your g-spot. This could be described as a finger-like “come hither” motion, although much slower. To me, it feels more like a gentle wiggling that pushes against your g-spot in new ways. It would definitely be hard to achieve that type of sensation with a typical non-moving vibrator or dildo.

It has 10 unique vibration / wave patterns – and additionally, the vibrations can be adjusted to 10 intensities. The lowest vibration is a light rumble that’s barely perceptible. The middle vibration is a low rumble that is similar to the lower settings of the LELO Mia 2. The highest vibration is stronger, but still not as strong as the highest settings on the LELO Mia 2. I have actually read that the vibrations of the Wave are significantly lighter than vibrations of the LELO Mona 2 – so if you’re looking for powerful vibrations without the wave motion, I’d recommend the LELO Mona 2 instead. Personally, these vibrations are too light for me, but I still enjoy the Mona Wave as an internal toy, using a stronger toy for my clit.

The vibration / wave patterns are:

  1. Steady Waving, Steady Vibration
  2. Slower Waving, Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  3. Steady Waving, Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  4. Steady Waving, Pulsing Vibration
  5. Steady Waving, Low to High Pulsations
  6. Just Waving
  7. Just Vibration
  8. Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  9. Pulsing Vibration
  10. Low to High Pulsations

This toy has a ton of variety – though I personally wish that the order was a bit different. I would have liked just vibration and just waving first, rather than cycling through – but the LELO Mona Wave does remember your last setting, so you can get back to your favorite setting whenever you turn it back on. From just one charge, you can get up to 2 hours of continuous use. You can also travel-lock this toy, so it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag.

The only thing that may bother you (aside from wanting stronger vibrations) is the noise of the wave motion. It has a distinct sound that reminds me of a robotic arm. As it moves, you can hear it making a very mechanical noise. The entire toy is pretty quiet, and the sound does get muffled a bit when you use it internally – but if you’re living with others, they might wonder what the heck is going on in your bedroom.

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek, discreet, comfortable, classy design
  • USB rechargeable
  • Unique waving motion mixed with vibration
  • Variety of vibration speeds and patterns
  • Great accessories and storage pouch


  • Vibrations may be too light for some
  • Odd mechanical noise


The LELO Mona Wave works as expected, with a really interesting twist on pleasure that pays off if you like g-spot massage. The design absolutely divine, plus it’s sleek, discreet, easy to use, waterproof, easy to charge, and comes in a chic box with a lube, warranty, and satin storage pouch. The vibrations are not as rumbly and powerful as I was expecting, and could have used some more umph. But, the variety of speeds and patterns is high up there, and for me, gives a unique sensation that I still love. As long as you have a strong vibrator for your clit, you’re good to go! LELO yet again makes a gorgeous toy that’s luxurious and pleasurable all in one.

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Use with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.


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