Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain, especially if you’re a slutty girl. Not being able to see each other and fool around is just one of the many downfalls of living far away from your honey. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you have probably mastered the arts of sexting, phone sex, and cam sex. But now, there’s something much better than any of those. A company finally invented the perfect couple’s toy that makes the struggle of long-distance a little bit more easy to bear. Enter Kiiroo – the interactive pleasure products for couples in long distance relationships. With new “teledildonic” technology, Kirroo produced Pearl (a vibrator) and Onyx (a penis masturbator) which allows couples who aren’t together geographically the ability to get it on. There are also combinations for same sex couples!

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Pearl – Vibrator

Heart Rating: 4 Hearts
Intensity: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees
Material: Silicone and Plastic

Onyx – Penis Masturbator

Heart Rating: 3 Hearts
Intensity: 4 Devils
Vibration: None
Noise: 5 Bees
Material: Silicone and Plastic

Why Kiiroo?

One of the hardest parts about being in a long distance relationship is not being able to have sex when you want to because you live in separate places. My boyfriend and I often go weeks and months without seeing each other (and without having sex). So when we got our Kiiroo products, we were so excited to try them out. We were both so thrilled with the products, and the way it allowed us to connect with one another.

These products are perfect for couples who aren’t able to be with each other physically but want to be intimate.  They can be used for solo pleasure or together with a secure video-chat app. The Kiiroo product have transformed my sex life with my long distance boyfriend because it finally allows us to get intimate with one another online. Before having Pearl and Onyx, we could only experience intimacy if we were together.

Single or in a geographically close relationship, but still interested in Kiiroo products? Don’t worry. These products aren’t only for people in long distance relationships. Kiiroo has special features that are perfect for everyone. Kiiroo has made adult videos available that allow both the Pearl and Onyx to feel what is happening in the erotic movies. How awesome!

The Pearl

I love the Pearl because its a good size and allows me to have control over my orgasm. This silicone toy has a smooth and sleek design with a slight curve to hit my g-spot. The Pearl is about 7.5 inches long, with a base that allows for effortless masturbation. You can control vibrations by moving the Pearl along your body or by tapping the touch-sensitive control located at the base of the vibrator. The Pearl has nine different vibration settings ranging from weak to intense yet buzzy vibrations. The strongest setting is definitely too intense for beginners. Despite it’s power, its not very loud. Its sound is light and buzzy.

Each Pearl comes with a micro-USB charger. It takes a few hours for the Pearl to charge fully, but it has a long battery life that allows for plenty of play time. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth and is water resistant and easily cleans with soap and water.

The Onyx

The Onyx is great because it allows for effortless and sophisticated masturbation. The Onyx comes with a removable sleeve. The sleeve has raised bumps on it, which create a vagina-like feel when used with a water-based lube. After use, the sleeve can easily be cleaned with water and soap.

It creates a realistic in-and-out feeling through its mechanics. For solo play, the Onyx has a touch pad that allows the user to control it with minimal effort. The Onyx has two masturbation settings- slow pump and fast pump. You can also easily control the Onyx for self-stimulation. Simply slide your finger over the touch pad, and the mechanics of the pleasure core begin to work.  The pleasure core is Kiiroo’s patented pleasure system. Unlike other “male” masturbators, the pleasure core is made up of contracting rings that simulate a thrust-like sensation. When connected with a Pearl, these rings simulate the exact feeling. It also has two air channels that creates direct contact with the walls of the device. Unfortunately, this feature is a little noisy and can be heard through closed doors.

Just like the Pearl, each Onyx comes with a micro-USB charging port which charges in a few hours and has a good battery life for play.

Connected Experience

These products are unlike any adult toy I have ever used or even heard of before. Each of the products comes with a secure passcode that you register online. Once you register your product, you are able to connect with other people using teledildonics via the Kiiroo application that comes free with every device. The Kiiroo application is a safe and secure video chat program that allows you to connect with your partner. All you need is wireless connection and bluetooth in order to connect the products to the secure Kiiroo application and connect with your partner. Once logged into the Kirro application, I was able to invite my boyfriend to chat with me by using a secure, six-digit password. After we entered the chat, it was time to start playing!

The products are touch sensitive which allows you to feel your partners movements as if they were with you. When we were both signed into the Kiiroo application, my partner was able to feel what I was doing because the Pearl signaled to my boyfriend’s Onyx, which replicated every move I made. It was the closest thing we experienced to having sex virtually. The pearl is touch sensitive which created a realistic feeling for my partner’s Onyx. Through his Onyx, he was able to feel everything thrust I made. Not only was I able to please myself using the Pearl, I was able to please my partner at the exact same time. The Onyx also has features that allows my boyfriend to control vibration in the Pearl as well.

Pearl Pros & Cons


  • Easy to control
  • Made of silicone
  • Multiple vibration settings
  • Designed to hit G-spot
  • Easy to clean


  • Vibrations may be too weak for power queens

Onyx Pros & Cons


  • Easy clean up
  • Feels realistic
  • Automatic mechanics were realistic
  • Long battery life


  • Loud (only use when no one is home)
  • First time set up is difficult and takes a long time
  • Kind of bulky


Overall, our experience with both Kiiroo products was very positive. We loved that the products were so versatile! The Pearl could be used for a solo session, or with my partner while he used the Onyx! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is in a long distance relationship and looking for a way to still connect virtually. The Kiiroo toys have become an absolute staple in my relationship. With Christmas around the corner, this could be the perfect gift for your partner and even yourself. We totally love it!

Get the updated version of these products at Kiiroo’s website here!


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