As someone who suffers from a latex allergy, and who is sort of grossed out by the idea of lambskin condoms, Lifestyles condom line SKYN is perfect. These condoms are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic latex material that is thinner than latex, and also offers protection against STI’s, which lambskin condoms do not. They are safe for vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Since it’s synthetic latex, it shares many of the same properties, but is perfect for people who suffer from latex and polyurethane allergies because it lacks the allergens and added compounds of natural latex. If you suffer from latex allergies and are looking for an alternative, these condoms are the way to go!


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Type: Condom, Latex Free
By: Lifestyles

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Devils: 1 Devil

Features: Latex Free, Thinner, Transfers Heat, Hypoallergenic
Material: Polyisoprene

Lifestyles SKYN Condoms are a hypoallergenic line of condoms that are perfect for people that suffer from a latex allergy. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product because I have had trouble finding condoms that were latex free without being lambskin (though there are polyurethane condoms), or that were thin and skin soft. SKYN fills both of these issues for me. When you first pull them out of the box, they almost look like chocolate pieces. They are small and discreet, which makes them easy to carry around in your bag, and the packaging is discreet while still being sexy.

I really liked how thin they were once you put them on and I honestly forgot that my guy had a condom on at all. The lube coating the condom is long lasting and we never really had to add any extra, but this is as close to latex as you can get so you have to avoid oil-based lubes because the condom will degrade. Water and silicone based lubes are best.

My only issue is the size. We noticed they do tend to run a little small compared to other condom lines, and to find the sizing you have to pay attention to the packaging because the size is only listed on the back of the condoms. Skyn condoms are also available in Large size. I have already gone and bought my own box for future use, and I definitely recommend them for anyone who suffers from an allergy or who wants to try something new.

Pros & Cons


  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Thin


  • Sizing
  • Polyisoprene condoms cost more than latex condoms (but cost less than polyurethane)


All in all, this condom is one of the best on the line for people who have allergies to latex. I love the packaging and the feel of the condoms once they’re on. Even with the sizing issue, they are more than worth giving a try – but go for the larger size if your partner is well endowed. You can find these condoms at your local pharmacy or online (which usually offers better sales and discounts).

Buy Lifestyle Skyn Condoms starting at $8.49 for a 12-pack


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