For the average all-American girl, seeing an uncircumcised, or “uncut”, penis for the very first time can be an eye-opening experience. The natural penis left with its full sheathing can be full of mystery to the uninitiated – and even controversial. The internet is filled with people on either side of the circumcision debate, with misunderstanding and misinformation abound. But there’s absolutely nothing to fear about the uncircumcised penis. Here’s why:

1. It won’t bite!

The uncircumcised penis is exactly like a circumcised penis… except for one little thing, of course. But for real, that extra bit of skin will not cause you or him harm. An uncut D is not any dirtier or less hygienic than a circumcised one, and it isn’t any more likely to give you a UTI. In fact, besides the extra skin, only a few generalizations can be made about the genuine differences between the two types. I’ll get to those differences, but for now try thinking of them as two different models of your favorite sports car – slightly different but equally exhilarating. Vroom vroom!

2. You might end up preferring it!

Women who love the uncut D claim they tend to be bigger than the cut ones, which is debatable of course, but almost never a bad thing! The extra skin can undoubtedly make the penis look bigger, and for those of us who are visually-oriented, that in itself is a major turn-on. Proponents of the uncircumcised also like to point out that the extra skin makes it more sensitive, so run your own experiments!


3. Circumcision is going out of fashion!

With more than half of our men running around foreskin-less, circumcision is still totally normal in the United States. That isn’t the case all over the world. Globally, au naturale beats circumcision by a landslide. So if you plan on venturing outside the borders, your chances of encountering the mysterious uncircumcised D skyrocket. Furthermore, despite being one of the most performed surgeries in the country, rates of circumcision are slowly falling in line with the rest of the world.

So there you have it, everything you need to get over the completely unrealistic and inconvenient fear of the uncircumcised man. Now, what are you waiting for? Book that international flight, pronto!