For many American girls, the uncircumcised penis is still uncharted territory. As we discussed in our initial piece— Lose Your Fear of the Uncircumcised Dick, there is nothing THAT different about cut vs. uncut guys, besides a bit of extra skin at the tip. Like cut dicks, uncut dicks are each unique in their own way. Sometimes when he’s aroused, the foreskin pulls all the way back and he looks cut, so prepare for the inevitable shock when you see it hanging low when he’s unaroused On the contrary, other uncut dicks just look like they have some foreskin covering the head of the penis. Either way, if you’ve only ever been with cut guys and think their penises are sensitive, you’re in for the time of your life with an au naturale guy. 



But, if you’ve never been with an uncut guy before, it can be a little bit intimidating at first… think of it like learning a foreign language but like a sex language. Kinda weird at first, but totally worth it to be fluent in both types of dicks.


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How exactly do you go about pleasuring a man who’s all intact? Well, first off, keep in mind that the little foreskin exists for a reason. If you’re with an uncut guy, you can celebrate the fact that his foreskin will make him more sensitive, provide you extra pleasure and protects the glans (the head of the penis) from everyday friction which can actually make him less sensitive. In fact, there’s many more reasons the foreskin is useful. You can read up on them here.



So, if the foreskin is so useful, why get rid of it in the first place? Supporters of circumcision often continue the practice for religious reasons. In fact, many circumcised boys are of Muslim or Jewish faith. Circumcision has also become a societal norm. Other studies have come out linking uncircumcised Ds with more cases of HPV or HIV, but correlation does not necessarily imply causation. However, there is no reason to worry about your guy’s uncircumcised D if he is using protection AND making sure that he’s washing properly in the shower on a regular basis (as all people should be).


Always bring your own protection. We recommend One Super Sensitive Condoms.

Let’s get down to it. You have an uncut dick in your hands, and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it — here are some techniques.


Uncircumcised Penis


For the Hand Job

A little while ago, we talked about how to give a guy a hand job so good that he would only want you to masturbate for him (just kidding- our hand would be glued there). However, when dealing with an uncut guy, you have to be aware of the foreskin.

I recommend using one hand to pull the foreskin back to reveal the glans and gently massaging the head. Keep in mind that his foreskin makes him more sensitive, and sometimes this translates into not wanting this area to be touched too much — it’s almost too much of a good thing. In this case, ask him what he prefers. 



If you can’t pull the foreskin back because he’s too sensitive, that’s fine! Gently stroke the foreskin as this can protect against some of the sensitivity that comes with it being manipulated off the head of the penis. Other ladies recommend slowly stroking the foreskin up and down over the glans, instead of moving it all the way back and off. You can also utilize other parts of the penis, like the testes or perineum to add a bit more controlled sensation to the hand job.



Another thing to keep in mind — that stereotypical jerking motion with hand jobs? That must have been perpetuated by the cut D because that can get pretty painful to the super sensitive uncut guy! The key to a hand job for the au naturale guy? Stroking. Stroke that uncircumcised penis with your hands like you would a kitty and watch that boy purr (in a totally manly way of course)!


Uncircumcised Penis Satan


For the Blow Job

It’s a fact that all guys love blow jobs… including our uncircumcised penis friends! But how do you use the foreskin to your advantage?

You’re probably going to need a hand to help you pull the foreskin back to reveal the head. When you do that, you can glide your tongue slowly around his glans and that ridged part underneath the tip. Since the tongue is such a powerful instrument, make sure you keep his sensitivity in mind. The truth is that no guy will understand your clit being super sensitive when aroused like an uncut guy. Foreskin and clit unite!

Another tip for a blow job with an uncut guy? Try working that foreskin by taking it into your mouth all at once!


Uncircumcised Penis Blowjob


The Uncircumcised Penis and Intercourse

So now you’re all warmed up and ready to take the plunge with the uncircumcised penis! While sex is mostly the same, there may be some differences. There are some reports that say that the gliding you felt when you gave him a hand job can also come in handy during sex. In fact, many partners of uncircumcised penises find that they’re less likely to experience pain with sex. This is because the foreskin softens the whole experience and can also stimulate you while inside. It’s like having your very own boy toy inside of you!

Additionally, it’s also been said that the foreskin can provide a seal against the vaginal wall to prevent semen from breaking through, though we wouldn’t recommend relying on that instead of your birth control.



In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to give that uncircumcised penis a ride. You may just have the time of your life.